Greenlight Award FAQs

greenlight-award-logo-312Frequently Asked Questions


What do I have to complete by the finals? 

Every team should propose to have some kind of finished product and measurable results by the Finals in May 2018. These are all viable Greenlight Award Changemaker 2020 projects:

  • An invention or tool that you can show facilitates behavior change.
  • A project (film, art, research project, etc.) to educate people about a problem and drive change.
  • Well-developed campaign materials implemented over a period of time to raise awareness and encourage change.
  • A policy change that facilitates behavior change.
  • A completed first step in making something larger happen that causes behavior change and will use that behavior change to drive your project forward.

Measurable results must include how many people changed behavior due to your efforts in this competition. Additional results may include how many times these people changed their behavior over what period of time, number of people educated/reached, or estimated environmental impact and potential future impact of your project/effort.

How do I sign up?

What goes into the Project Proposal Form for Round One?

  • In late November participants submit a Project Proposal Form.
  • At the mandatory Incubator Workshop in early November you will have a chance to meet with community experts to help develop this proposal.
  • Your Round One Presentation should cover the information you put on this form.

What are the Round One Presentations?

When: Early December

What: All participants give a 3 minute Power Point presentation about their project idea before a panel of community leaders who will ask a few questions and score the presentations based on the judging criteria.

Content: The information you include in your Project Proposal Form should be included in your presentation.

Invite: Friends and family are welcome to come watch the presentations

Results: Within a week of the Round One event, the highest scoring teams will be designated as Finalists to receive up to $1,000 funding from Bedford 2020 to move forward to round two.

How many projects will be chosen as finalists?

  • TBD

How much money can I get to do my project?

  • You may receive seed-funding up to the amount you have requested but no more than $1000.
  • If your project will cost more than the amount you are requesting in seed-funding, please clearly describe how you will raise the additional funds to make up the gap.
  • Bedford 2020 will not reimburse expenditures beyond the date of the Finals.

How will the seed funding be distributed?

  • The seed funding granted to your team will be provided for items listed in your proposed budget as those items are needed.
  • Finalists will submit a request for funds to receive the money for those items and must follow up by providing receipts for the items purchased within one week of receiving the funding for those items.

When/What are the Finals?

  • The finals will be held in April, 2018.
  • There will be a prestigious panel of environmental leaders and influencers to hear about the developed projects, proposals, and pilots to determine the Greenlight Award Winner.
  • All finalists who fully develop their project will receive recognition for participation.
  • The winning team will win a $500 cash prize.

What if I have more questions that are not addressed here?

Contact Bedford 2020 and they will be happy to answer them for you!