Energized Homeowners Spread the Word

Calling all Energized Homeowners!

Become Energize Bedford ambassadors by agreeing to any and all of the easy outreach methods below:

  • Yes! I will send out an email to 2-4 of my friends about my Energize Bedford (We’ll give you a sample email.)


  • Yes! I will post a blurb on my social media about my Energize Bedford (We’ll give you a sample social media post and a graphic to share.)


  • Yes! I will put up an Energize Bedford Lawn Sign that says “Ask me about my Warm Home & Hot Savings” and be willing to explain my energy efficiency assessment and upgrades when people ask me. (We’ll give you the lawn sign and a fact sheet.)


  • Yes, I will attend your “Warm Homes/Hot Savings” Launch Event at the Bedford Hills Train station on Thursday, October 5 at 7pm. (We’re having craft beer, snacks, entertainment, and info about Energize Bedford. Having Energized homeowners like you there will let other homeowners ask you questions in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. (We will make it fun!)


  • And yes! I’ll invite a few of my friends who have not yet Energized to come to the October 5th event!




  • Yes! I will send you a photo of my Energized home! (And we would love to have you and your family in the photo!)


Energized Homeowner Form

If you checked any of the above, thank you! We will follow up with materials for you.

Energize Bedford is a non-profit partner of Bedford 2020 and Town of Bedford.