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of The Bedford Energy Advisory Panel

The Town of Bedford

Progress to date:

  1. In November 2007, the Bedford Town Board passed a resolution committing to a reduction of Bedford’s greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020

  2. In February 2010, the Bedford Town Board unanimously adopted a Climate Action Plan, which includes over 70 projects covering a broad range of activities from energy efficiency to waste/recycling, transportation, water/land use and food/agriculture that will achieve the goal of 20% reduction in GHG emissions by 2020.

  3. Founding member of the Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium (NWEAC)

  4. Grant Awards for Environmental Projects

  1. 1.$100,000 from the NY State Energy Research and                                           Development Authority (NYSERDA)

  2. 2.$1.3 Million from the US Department of Energy (DOE) for the Energize Bedford/Energize Northern Westchester Home Energy Upgrade Program

  3. 3.$1.3 Million from NYSERDA for the Energize Bedford/Energize Northern Westchester Home Energy Upgrade Program

  4. 4.$83,000 from NYSERDA ‘s RFP 2228 - Better Buildings Sub-Grants to Small Municipalities

Implementation of Climate Action Plan Measures:


1)Energize Bedford – A program for increasing energy efficiency in residential buildings

2)Energy audits performed on the major town-owned facilities

3)Investigation of sustainable energy sources, including solar, wind, bio-fuel and biomass, and utilizing them where appropriate

•Purchases 25% of electrical needs from wind

•Will install solar panels on new water filtration plant

4)Installation of electronic thermostats in town buildings

•The Town House and the Community House have programmable thermostats.

•425 Cherry St has one on the 1st floor

5)Adoption of an outdoor lighting code: Dark Sky Commercial Ordinance for new commercial buildings

6)Appliance Upgrades:

oNew Copiers – no cartridges / all Energy Star

oWater Coolers – removed in 2007 /

oComputer – screens and units are Energy Star

oNew refrigerators were brought for all three buildings. 7 total

7)Promotion of energy efficiency in outdoor lighting at town facilities by installing

•Photo Sensors – Lighting

•BH Basketball Court Lighting has separate switch installed

8) Consideration of a municipal energy code (would apply to all new municipal buildings)

•New Filtration Plant is being built to (LEED) code


1)Adoption of a comprehensive Green Purchasing Policy that will consider, where possible, the following when making purchases:

olifecycle energy costs over the lifetime of all items it purchases

othe sustainability of all material/ingredients in the product I purchases

othe recyclability of products it purchases

o the transportation and packaging cost attributed to the product it purchases

2)Testing  use of green cleaning products in its buildings


1)Designated as a TREE CITY USA and has a law that restricts tree cutting and replacement during permitting

2)Policy to prohibit the use of turf pesticides on town land, including public parks

3)Operation of a municipal composting facility that receives all yard and leaf waste from town + rock and road material

4)Policy to preserve and protect open space

•an Open Space Fund (town has purchased 4 parcels- Aprox 50 Acres)

5)Policy regarding replacement of trees cut down during a subdivision, or trees cut down on fragile land steep slopes, ridgelines, wetlands or wetland buffers 

6)Ridgeline Protection Law - define


1)Implementation of effective water conservation measures at parks and town facilities since 2004: 

•Removed leaky faucets

•Pool House – low flow shower heads, dual flush toilets

2)Promotion of water conservation by residents

•sliding scale in which water rates increase with consumption


1)Promotion of public transportation:  




2)Hybrid Car Incentive - The Town offers a $50 parking incentive at both commuter lots for owners of Hybrid Cars

3)Enforcement of Westchester County’s Anti-Idling Law for all town owned, non emergency vehicles

4)Policy encouraging the purchase of alternative fuel or hybrid vehicles and has already replaced 6 fleet vehicles with hybrid-electrics since 2004

5)The Town has added 3 bicycles to its police fleet


1)Mandated recycling of bottles, cans, cardboard and paper from town offices 

2)Curbside pickup of leaves and garden waste for residents living in the hamlet areas and composts it at the Beaver Dam facility

3)Contract with Westwood Organics to accept yard and leaf waste from residents at the Beaver Dam Facility.  Free compost will be available to Bedford residents

4)Recycling receptacles provided in commercial areas and parks (?? # of receptacle locations added since 2004)

5)The Parks and Recreation Seasonal Brochures are no longer printed and mailed to town residences and will only be available online. 

  1. 6)E-Waste accepted at the Recycling Center on Adams Street.

Recognitions and Awards for Environmental Leadership:

a.The New York League of Conservation Voters honored Bedford at its annual benefit “celebrating environmental partnerships for progress.”

b.The Westchester County Sustainability Award

c.The Green Seal Award from the Federated Conservationists of Westchester County.

d.The Westchester Municipal Planning Federation Annual Achievement Award

e.The How Green Is My Town “Green Star Award” – awarded to 5 towns in Westchester County

GOALs and projects for 2011:  recently, BEAP attended a joint meeting with the Town Board and the department heads to begin prioritizing the municipal measures for 2011.  Below are the measures that BEAP will begin exploring this year: Read More… 

Proposed Measures for 2011


1)    Bedford Residential Building Energy Code (Energy Star for new construction)

2)    Municipal Green Building Policy (all new town buildings built to LEED minimum)
3)    Municipal Building Use Energy & Resource Conservation Policy
4)    Energy Efficiency Retrofits of Existing Town Owned Facilities (address some of the recommendations from the town audits)
5)    Financing for Residential Energy Efficiency Retrofits


1)    Explore Grants for Electric Charging Stations

2)    Electric Vehicles in Municipal Fleet
3)    Organizing Ride-sharing for Municipal Employees/Incentives


1)Reporting Requirements for haulers (where do they haul to?  Tonnage?  Composition of Waste)

2)Composting Bins at Town Parks (demonstration purposes)

3)Expand/Enhance Municipal Composting

4)Zero Waste Goal for Public Events


1)Modified Town Water Billing System (more granular scale that rewards conservation and charges for residents who use more)

Current Projects

Click the images learn more about B2020‘s ongoing projects.