A Field-Good Story

If you wandered into Little Joe’s Coffee & Books on a Friday afternoon in March, you probably noticed a collection of thirty big bags, all overflowing with heads of lettuce, loaves of artisanal bread, even jugs of cider.  If you snuck a peek into the bags, you might also have spotted local cheeses, apples, and foraged wild mushrooms.

Where does it all come from?

From farmers in the Hudson Valley, that’s where, and Field-Goods is the year-round delivery service that distributes it.  Based in Athens NY (across the river from Hudson) Field-Goods works on a pay-as-you-go weekly subscription.  With a wildly successful abundance of drop-off locations in the Hudson and Albany areas, Field-Goods made its debut in Katonah and Bedford just over a month ago.

So far, people seem to love it, and the number of subscriptions grows every week.  We’ve seen pictures of dishes made posted on Facebook and Instagram, we’ve heard lavish descriptions of Field-Goods-inspired dinner parties, and we know of one local chef who’s been incorporating her subscription into popular weekly specials.

Another thing to love about Field-Goods: you’re subscription comes with an email newsletter, and a sheet of paper in the bag, with recipes, storage tips, and lots of inspirational wisdom about what’s in the bag.  (In fact, the newsletter is called, “In The Bag.”  Clever.)

Give Field-Goods a try.  Hey: if you try it once and don’t like it, there’s no obligation to continue.  But we suspect you will…

 (Check out the short documentary, below.)