A Rind is a Terrible Thing To Waste

On average, Americans produce 4.5 lbs of trash every day. At least two thirds of that is organic waste, including food scraps, such asĀ 
potato peels and apple cores.compost12363

Add to this, organic yard waste — leaves, weeds, grass clippings — and we have thousands of pounds of organic waste being trucked to landfills and waste disposal facilities every day.

In a landfill, organic waste decomposes anaerobically (without oxygen) emitting a high volume of methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas and a primary contributor to climate change.

A far preferable way to dispose of organic waste is on-site composting, which can be done on even the smallest of properties. Hundreds of Bedford homeowners compost at home and Bedford 2020 wants to help others learn how.

Head over to Veg Out! to read all about it and get composting today.