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The mission of the Bedford 2020 Coalition is to lead, organize and promote a community wide effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to create a sustainable community that conserves its natural resources.

Karen Sabath
Beekeeper, Rainbeau Ridge
Sarah Douglis
Vice President
Consultant, SolTide Consulting
Andrew Chintz

Affordable Housing Expert, Energy Infrastructure Partners
Lee V.A. Roberts
Secretary, Former Bedford Town Supervisor and current Town Board Member
Kevin Brenner
President, Healthy Home Energy and Consulting
Ellen Rouse Conrad
Olivia Farr
Peter Kuniholm
Solid Waste / Recycling Consultant
Stuart E. Marwell
President and Chairman of the Board, Curtis Instruments
Vickie Morris
Chair, Nominating and Governance
Karen Hiniker Simons
Principal, Hudson Varick Resources
Mark Thielking
Director of Energy Resources, Town of Bedford; Executive Director Energy Improvement Corporation
Glenn Weinberg
Vice President, Joule Assets Inc.
Jim Wood
President, Farmers Club
Lauren Brois
Special Advisor to the Board, Residential Director at Energize NY
Kirtley Cameron
Jayni Chase
Environmental Education and Green School Advocate
Jim Diamond
CEO, Diamond Properties
Janet Harckham
Co-chair Westchester County Climate Crisis Task Force
Mimi Adams Lines
Landscape Design and Services
Richard Ottinger
Dean Emeritus and Founder, Pace Energy and Climate Center, Pace University School of Law
Drew Patrick
Assistant Superintendent, Scarsdale Schools
Veronique Pittman
Green Schools Alliance, Leadership Council of Blue Sky Funders Forum, Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy
Midge Iorio
Executive Director
Ellen Calves
Program Director
Meredith Outwater
Program and Marketing Associate
  • 2016 Green Award Winner, Morris Media, Town Vibe for being a model of sustainability
  • 2016 Honorees at Katonah Museum of Art Forces of Nature Gala Event
  • 2015 Federated Conservationists Award for an organization whose work exemplifies environmental ethic and the promotion of a greener future
  • Clean Air Cool Planet
  • Endeavor Foundation
  • Kohlberg Foundation
  • Westchester Community Foundation

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Community engagement, education and the creation of grassroots support for climate change projects have been the focus of Bedford 2020 since its creation in 2010.

We are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making a difference through community programs that span five action areas, including Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy, Food & Agriculture, Transportation, Waste & Recycling, and Water & Land Use.

We take a “petri dish” approach to developing and piloting projects in the Greater Bedford community that are replicated and expanded in Westchester County and beyond.

A few highlights include:

  • Working with Sustainable Westchester to drive renewable energy adoption via the Westchester Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program launched in spring 2016. In fall 2016, Bedford 2020 will be part of a team working to expand CCA throughout the mid-Hudson region.
  • Creating and piloting the Greenlight Award student competition in which students develop and test projects offering climate solutions. The program is expanding to multiple  schools in 2016/17.
  • Successfully piloting the Energize NY Home Energy Efficiency program in Bedford in 2011 that subsequently expanded throughout Northern Westchester County Municipalities.
  • Leading “Solarize Bedford/Mt. Kisco“, one of the first Solarize campaigns promoting solar installations in Westchester County.
  • Launching the Northern Westchester Local Food Project in Mt. Kisco, and expanding it through the mid-Hudson region.
  • Piloting The Great Healthy Yard Pledge in Bedford. This program has now expanded to communities in the NY/New England region and beyond.

Bedford 2020 programs are led by the work of nine Task Forces staffed with over 90 community volunteers, many of whom are professionals and experts with deep experience and credentials in our action areas. We work extensively with community partners to engage all segments of our community. Visit our Task Force pages and click here to see our list of Community Partners.

Bedford Environmental Summit program On January 31, 2009, the Town of Bedford Energy Advisory Panel and the Bedford Garden Club held The Bedford Environmental Summit. The goal of the Summit was to educate our community about the most pressing environmental issues of the day and to create a “community of advocates” who would take actions to solve these problems on a local level. Individuals participated, but a lot of the support was generated by smaller, single-issue organizations and clubs with parallel interests.

Left: the original program for the Summit (click to download).
Below: a video that captured the excitement of the Summit.

2009 Summit Video from Bedford 2020 on Vimeo.

As a direct result of the Summit, the Town of Bedford adopted a Climate Action Plan to reduce the town’s greenhouse gas emissions 20% by 2020.

Below left: the complete Climate Action Plan (click to download).

Bedford Climate Action Plan Environmental Action Day program
With momentum on their side, the organizers of the Summit followed up with Environmental Action Day, January 29, 2011. In response, the grassroots umbrella organization, Bedford 2020, was created.

Click here for the breaking news that we blew away our 2020 goal!

Above right: the program for Environmental Action Day (click to download).
Below: a video that captured the excitement of Environmental Action Day.

2009 Summit Video from Bedford 2020 on Vimeo.

The plans for Bedford 2020 were summarized handily in a newspaper supplement, “Bedford Rocks.” Another offshoot of the 2009 Summit was a plan for replicating its success in other communities, that similar single-issue groups can work together to plan. The result was Summit in a Box.

Below left: “Bedford Rocks” 12-page supplement (click to download).
Below right:
The original 31-page Summit-in-a-Box Guide (click the box to download).

Bedford Climate Action Plan Summit-in-a-Box Program