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Greenlight Award Communication

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TIOLI Volunteer Interest Form

Bedford 2020 Take it or Leave it (TIOLI) Shed is coming Spring 2018 to Bedford Hills!

 Volunteers will be necessary to run this program. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in volunteering for one or both of the positions described below.
  • TIOLI Assistant Head: to work closely with the TIOLI Head to schedule, manage and train volunteers and share in the duties required for effective operation and organization of the program. Either the Head or Assistant Head will need to be present during all hours the shed is operating (every Saturday between the hours of 8am and 1pm).
  • TIOLI Saturday Volunteers: Assist with the set up, clean up, and operation of the TIOLI program for at least one 2-hour shift between 8am and 1pm, one or two Saturdays per month (May-October). Duties will include greeting customers, inspecting and displaying items, upholding order and safety in the parking lot.
TIOLI Volunteer Interest Form
If you check one or both boxes we will follow up with you once the program is closer to launch.

Take It or Leave It Shed

Coming Spring 2018!

Drop off unwanted household items that are still in good/working condition, or pick up and repurpose some.

Every Saturdays from 9am-12pm between May and October. Opening May 2018.

In the Bedford Hills Train Station Parking Lot (off of 117 and at the end of Railroad Ave.).

Residents of the Town of Bedford may drop off items. The hope is that “customers” will not take items to sell, but instead will repurpose them for themselves or friends.


The TIOLI Shed is a wonderful way to recycle and reuse items, and reduce consumption and waste. This program will preserve natural resources, reduce waste, and save residents money.


Volunteer are needed to run this program from 8am-1pm on Saturdays from May-October. Volunteers will meet this fall for training and an organizational meeting before the program launches.

Please click here to read more about the volunteer jobs available and to sign up if you would like to be contacted about being on the TIOLI team.

TIOLI Item Examples


Children’s toys



Sports Equipment





Small appliances

(ex.  Toaster)


Large Furniture

Upholstered Furniture




Fax machines

Stuffed animals


Large Appliances

(ie. Refrigerator)

Faculty Information

About Greenlight

We are looking for students who want to make a difference.  This year’s theme, Changemaker 2020, is a behavioral change challenge.  There are many ways to tackle environmental problems and we need many solutions to drive change. We hope students and faculty from all subjects will get involved.

Who should participate?

Students who care about the environment, want to make a difference, and want to experience leadership, teamwork, public speaking, and drive to create something to use in a real-world experience. These are key skills to learn, apply, and add to a college application.


Choose any behavior people aren’t already doing – recycling, taking the bus, turning off lights (there are lists of hundreds of behaviors that are better for the environment) and then do something to get people to act that way.  Students may develop any project to create awareness, inspire or otherwise cause change, and use this “tool” to accomplish behavior change by May 1st.

  • Policy/Government – drive change with a new rule
  • Marketing/Film/Art/Photography — inspire change with a message
  • Science/Tech/Entrepreneurship – help people change with an invention/solution
  • Writing/Tech – instruct and make it easier to change with resources or events
  • Marketing – promote change or promote a product that causes change
  • Activism – drive change through grassroots organizing

Bedford 2020 encourages teamwork and multi-disciplinary approaches to tackle problems in our community. We offer resources on our website, at workshops, and in the way of seed-funding, community expert mentors, and public relations outreach. To see more resources for students, please visit the Greenlight Toolkit.

Please Promote Greenlight

Please announce this opportunity to your classes.

If you know of students who would be interested in or would benefit from this program, please encourage them to check out the website and sign up online to participate.

Click here for a flyer to share with students.

If you have been asked  to be a faculty mentor, click here for more information.

Greenlight Competition Intent to Participate Form

greenlight-award-logo-312Congratulations, you are about to become part of something amazing!

To be a part of the Greenlight Award Competition, submit this form before October 27th.

This form indicates that the student or team of students named on the form have enlisted a faculty advisor and have begun developing ideas to improve into a project proposal.

Sign up here for updates. We will let you know about the mandatory Incubator Workshop where we will invite community experts to help you with your proposals, review the requirements for the Project Proposal Form, and help you prepare for the Round 1 expo and presentations in December.

Click here for more information.

We look forward to hearing more about your project in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Bedford 2020.

Greenlight Award Intent to Participate 2017-2018

Greenlight Award Intent to Participate 2017-2018

The Changemaker 2020 competition is on! We are looking forward to hearing your big green ideas. Please sign up here to participate, and we will be sure to keep you in the loop about upcoming meetings, new materials and to help if you need it. Questions? Email:

You can always update this as you develop your idea further, but let us know how we should refer to your project.
You should address an environmental issue within this community.
Your idea could include scientific or technological solutions, education/awareness (through art, persuasion, film, etc), policy and influence, research and reporting, grassroots action, or a combination of any of these (or others).
a. Your idea should be realistic to implement within your school, neighborhood, congregation or among local businesses or other aspects of the community. Your reach may change as you begin to research the scale and feasibility of your project.
At least one student on your team should provide an additional email address because the school email systems often reject our Bedford 2020 emails and we want to make sure your team stays in the loop. Thank you.

Faculty Mentors

All student teams must work with an faculty advisor at their school as they develop their projects.  The faculty mentor will offer guidance, feedback, help with communication between students and Bedford 2020, and remind students about resources, goals and deadlines.

Faculty mentors for finalist teams are encouraged to attend the Finals in the spring.  We greatly appreciate faculty mentors and want to recognize you at the Finals!

Bedford 2020 will offer support to students throughout the contest

We hope faculty mentors will encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities.

  • Ideas, Inspiration and Questions Answered. At the kickoff meetings Bedford 2020 staff and volunteers are there to help students brainstorm ideas for projects.
  • Expert Advice and Resources. Teams refine project ideas with the help of community “experts” at the Incubator workshop.  Information will also be presented about behavior change, how to put together a budget, and what is required for the Round 1 proposal and presentation.
  • How to Score Well. Encourage students to use the Round 1 SCORE-IT worksheet like a rubric when preparing their written proposal. The judges are asked to review proposals prior to the presentations (but students should prepare the oral presentation as if the judges have not read the written proposal).
  • How to Present Well.  At Round 1, students will have 3 minutes to present and 2 minutes to answer questions. Students are encouraged to practice their oral presentations with a faculty member and again, use the SCORE-IT like a rubric.
  • Public Speaking Experience and Feedback. All student participants will watch the Round 1 presentations and are encouraged to bring family, friends, and faculty mentors.
  • Finalist Support and Feedback. Finalists will receive funding approvals and get feedback from the Round 1 event. There will be another opportunity to meet with community experts to learn more about data collection methods and receive help on their specific project. Students will earn a point towards the final event for attending this workshop.
  • Mid-Way Check-In. Short Update will be due in early February and is a “check in” that milestones are being completed and to see if finalists need further support from community experts. Students will earn a point towards the final event for completing this form on time.
  • Get Funded. Purchase orders must be filled out and submitted to be reimbursed for approved expenses.  Students will earn a point for using their budget and other resources effectively.
  • Final Report and Power Point Presentations. Students will earn one point towards their final score for on-time submission of the final report and presentation.
  • Finals – Everyone is a Winner. Students will be presented with certificates from the County and are strongly encouraged to bring friends and family to this fun event. We encourage faculty mentors to also attend.  Students will earn one point for practicing their presentation with a faculty member (and having the faculty member email us that they did this) prior to the Finals. Students and faculty mentors are asked to come up on stage at the end of the event for photos and a short reception with the judges.

Resources for Greenlight Competitors

In addition to the many opportunities for feedback and help above, the Greenlight Award Toolkit has forms, inspiration and resources for participants. We also have set up Group Me app group chats for students to get reminders from us. Click here to sign up for one.

Forms for Greenlight Competitors

Intent to Participate Form: Here

All teams must fill out this form with a general outline of their project in order to be entered into the competition.

Project Proposal Form: Here

Your students should use these questions on this form as a guide to formulate and design their proposal.

Scoring Rubric: Here

Teams should look over this rubric closely as they create their Round One and Final Presentations.


Faculty mentors are encouraged to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Greenlight 2017-2018 GroupMe Chats

Please select the appropriate link below for your school’s Greenlight GroupMe Chat.  By selecting a link you will be joining a group message which Bedford 2020 will use to keep you updated and informed about the Changemaker 2020 Greenlight Award Competition.


Fox Lane:

John Jay:


Horace Greeley:

Rippowam Cisqua:

Say hello to your farmer!

by Karen Simons

At Mobius Fields in Katonah, farmer Deb Taft is carefully harvesting produce whose flavors, fragrances, textures, color and nutritional benefit are at their peak. She is thinking of her farmers’ market customers while she harvests and looks forward to sharing her efforts. Saturday, at the market, you’ll find her quietly sitting behind her table, ready and willing to discuss the bountiful crops—how she grew them, how to store them, how to use them. 

At farm markets everywhere, local farmers love to talk to you about the products they are selling. Some farmers will speak to you as soon as you approach their stand, others like Deb, wait for you to ask the questions.

Next time you’re at the farm market take the time to chat with the person behind the table.

Not sure how to start?

Here are some quick tips:

  1. Ask what’s in season, and what’s coming up next. This is a great way to learn more about food seasonality and culture.  Farmers will tell you it’s best to tear up the shopping list and prepare meals made with fresh in-season ingredients. 
  2. See something you don’t recognize? Take the leap, ask what it is, how to store and prepare it. You’ll find some hidden treasures and expand your palate. 
  3. Learn about growing practices. If you want to eat foods raised without chemicals, ask farmers how the food is grown.  Not all farmers are certified organic but may have growing methods that meet or exceed organic certification standards.
  4. Get to know YOUR farmers. If you have time and are feeling chatty (and the farmers are not rushing to help customers) ask how is the growing season going?  How did you get into farming? Where are you located? Can I visit the farm?
  5. Give FEEDback! If you enjoy the food, make sure to go back and tell the farmer you purchased it from. Your positive feedback can help farmers decide what to grow in the future and if you’re lucky, you’ll reap the benefits next growing season!

There are lots of farm stands and farm markets to attend. Click here for our Northern Westchester/Lower Putnam map!

Water and Land Use Task Force List

campbell Elyse Arnow Brill
Pound Ridge Land Conservancy
needham Rod Christie
Executive Director, Mianus River Gorge
greco Lori Ensinger
President, Westchester Land Trust
greco Amy Gallen
Member, Rusticus Garden Club
mitchell Pat Kessee
Rusticus Garden Club
greco Nancy Kroenenberg
Member, Bedford Garden Club
needham Heather Langham
President of Board of Directors, John Jay Homestead
cutler Mimi Lines
Bedford Garden Club, Landscape Designer
needham Virginia Maybank
Co-founder, Branch Out!
Ann B. Paul
Director, Westmoreland Sanctuary
Karen Sabath Karen Sabath
Founder, Hudson Valley Natural Beekeepers, and Beekeeper, Rainbeau Ridge Farm
greco Simon Skolnik
Chair, Town of Bedford Conservation Board
greco Glenn Ticehurst
Principal, Benedek & Ticehurst
Don Weeden
Executive Director, Weeden Foundation