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You may now support Bedford 2020 with every purchase you make on Amazon! Amazon Smile provides a simple and automatic way for you to support our work in the community by having Amazon make a donation to Bedford 2020 every time you shop.

By clicking HERE or on the image to the left, you will enter AmazonSmile, where you will be asked to sign in to your Amazon account and confirm your choice to support Bedford 2020.

Then, simply shop like you normally do on Amazon by using every time you shop, and Amazon will donate a portion of your payment back to our organization. Easy!

If you prefer just to make a direct, tax-deductible donation to Bedford 2020, visit our Donate page to learn how. Thank you!


Faculty Advisors

All student teams must sign on a faculty advisor at their school.  The faculty advisor offers feedback and helps with communication between students and Bedford 2020. We welcome advisors to remind students about resources and deadlines, attend the Round One Event and the Finals, and help students get attention from stakeholders and the school community.

We greatly appreciate the support of the faculty advisors for our inspiring Greenlight Award leaders. Thank you!


Dear Faculty Advisors…

Above is a letter for all Faculty Advisors to read and print, describing the ways in which advisors are expected to support students throughout the contest, as well as the many ways Bedford 2020 provides support.

For information about promoting the contest to students, go to our General Faculty Resources page.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Finalists and Faculty Mentors at the 2017 Final Event

Resources for Greenlight Competitors are found in the Toolkit on the Greenlight web page

In addition to the many opportunities for feedback and help, the Greenlight Award Toolkit has forms, inspiration and resources for participants. Deadlines for this years contest are found under the Summary of the Competition in the Toolkit.


Greenlight Award Faculty Fact Sheet




Faculty Advisor Resources

If you will be working with a student team

General Faculty Resources

If you want to learn more or help get the word out about Greenlight




2017 Winners with their Faculty Advisor

Greenlight Competition Intent to Participate Form

greenlight-award-logo-312Congratulations, you are one step closer to becoming a Changemaker!

To be a part of the Greenlight Award Competition, please submit this form by October 26th. If you don’t have all the information yet, that’s ok, we just want to know you’re interested at this point!

Once we know you are interested and have your contact info, we will send you reminders and updates via If you have any questions, email Bedford 2020.

Greenlight Award Intent to Participate 2018-2019

Greenlight Award Intent to Participate 2018-2019

The Changemaker 2020 competition is on! We are looking forward to hearing your big green ideas. Please sign up here to participate, and we will be sure to keep you in the loop about upcoming meetings, new materials and to help if you need it.

You may change this as you develop your idea further, but let us know how we should refer to your team or project.
Please address an environmental issue within the community.
Your idea could include scientific or technological solutions, education/awareness (through art, persuasion, film, etc), policy and influence, research and reporting, grassroots action, or a combination of any of these (or others).
Will you implement your project and see behavior change within your school, neighborhood, congregation, among local businesses, or other?
We will use to send you reminders and updates
At least one student on your team should provide an additional email address because the school email systems often reject our Bedford 2020 emails and we want to make sure your team stays in the loop. Thank you.
If additional students would like to receive text messages or emails, please also include them in the text box above. Thanks.

Bedford 2020 at Gallarus Art Space

Add your leaf to the tree installed at Gallarus. All ages welcome to make climate resolutions!

Resolve to do more. 

The week of July 23, stop by Gallarus in Katonah and participate in a unique community art project to inspire environmental action. 
If you don’t have any ideas, we have some climate resolution ideas for you:

Join Community Compost

Eat less meat


Recycle more

Stop using pesticides

Plant pollinator friendly plants

Use reusable bags

Buy local food

Use a reusable water bottle

Cut my car use

Shorten my showers

Stop idling

Eliminate styrofoam

Buy from thrift stores

Turn off the lights

Get solar panels

Take and Leave at TIOLI

Go straw free

Bike to work once a week

Activate others

Join the Zero Waste Challenge

Contact politicians on environmental issues

Volunteer on environmental action

Donate to Bedford 2020

Come by tell us your ideas as well!



Ramp Drop Biscuts

Ramps (wild leeks) are a great way to ramp up any basic biscuit because they have a wonderful sweet, and mild onion flavor that works well with this simple side dish. Ramps are in season right now but they don’t last long. This delicious recipe is a great way to take advantage of ramps while they are still around for harvest at your local farmers market.

Helpful Tip

Ramps are younger, and skinnier work best in this recipe.  You can thinly slice the bulb and add it right in. If more mature ramps are the only ones available to you use only the leaves.


John Jay Farm Market’s Early Season Surprises

John Jay Homestead Farm Market has plenty of early season surprises for all to discover! It may seem unlikely, for most, to find locally grown, organic food this early on in the season. Fortunately enough the John Jay Homestead Farm Market has a large variety of local vendors to supply plenty of new and delicious options for your table early this season. This year the Market was opened on May 12th and operates every Saturday from 10am to 2pm.

The John Jay Homestead Farm Market’s early opening is a great opportunity for customers. In the early season community members are able to speak with participating growers and producers, and learn more about what products to expect to see later on. There is no need to wait though! There are currently plenty of items available at the market to spice up any home cooked meal. A few of these foods include microgreens, apples, mushrooms and root veggies, not to mention fiddleheads, rhubarb and ramps. The last three items are highly sought after and have a small window of harvest, so go grab some while they’re still around.

Ramps (which are sometimes called wild leeks or spring onions) taste stronger than leeks, which generally have a mild onion taste.



Buying from a farmers market not only gets you better quality food, but also supports our local food system. Supporting local agriculture enables customers to source their own food, ¬†which causes a positive ecological, economical and¬†social impact. In fact, ‚ÄúShopping with an exclusive network of farms and food artisans rather than large industrial farms customers are helping to fix the environmental damage done by the Big Agricultural companies,‚ÄĚ says Vanessa Pahucki, the manager of the John Jay Farmers Market. Another great aspect of ¬†small family farms is that they effectively put money back into the local economy through employment opportunities and spending¬†at local shops for farming needs. Sustainably raised food tastes better too!

There is plenty to be excited about this coming year at the John Jay Homestead Farm Market! Vanessa Pahucki tells us that, ‚ÄúWe now have a wine bar sponsored by Pizza Luca available,‚ÄĚ and that, ‚ÄúCustomers can enjoy picnics while eating lunch with an accompanying glass of wine and live music in the background, making John Jay Homestead a true destination on Saturdays.‚ÄĚ There are also two new farms joining the market this year, Woven Hill and Gaia’s Breath. Don‚Äôt forget, ¬†the John Jay Homestead Farm Market will be open until October 27th, so there is still plenty of time to make it a weekly habit!

Easy Go To Meal Ideas for Meatless Monday

Who doesn’t want to be part of the solution vs. the problem and help reduce our carbon footprint? Especially when it’s so easy to do.


One way to teach our children that activism doesn’t have to be a great sacrifice is by embracing Meatless Mondays.


Here’s a way to cook vegetarian dishes easily.


First, in the same way most households consider a blue blazer and sneakers must-have classics, a pantry should have black beans and rice. Especially the Minute Maid instant cups which only take a minute in the microwave as do heating up the black beans, if not using a pot.


With these two ingredients, a meal you will have in minutes.


So what to do for extra color and taste? After all, black beans and white rice may not  look so appetizing.  Food should also be a feast for the eyes.


Well think of yourself as an artiste and just pop some butternut squash in the oven – tossed with olive oil, S&P – at 450 temperature for 30 minutes.


Voila Рyou have a great dish.   And for added color, sprinkle some parsley or cilantro on top of it. Then add a salad.


If you don’t want beans, use the butternut squash over sauteed spinach or kale and then add the side of rice.  Too many greens make kids suspicious. But bright colors of orange often help.


Another option – which I did for my Meatless Monday – is add spaghetti squash in the same pan I used the butternut squash.


Half the spaghetti squash, spoon out the seeds, put in oven with cut side open to the top.  Oven should be at 450 for 30 minutes.  Then take a fork and literally carve out spaghetti like strands.


Then I put it in the microwave with tomato sauce – everyone has that in their pantry – and sprinkled on some parmesan cheese.


Because I have male athletes in my house Рwho eat lots of food Р these two dishes really accomplished my two goals.


It not only provided dinner in less than 30 minutes with little fuss or clean-up and it also became  a story to share over dinner that included being a good citizen and creative cook.


-Jill Brooke

Take It or Leave It

Grand Opening Saturday, May 12!


Reuse and Reduce Waste!
Drop off unwanted household items that are still in good/working condition, or pick up and repurpose some.

See below for a list of acceptable items. Volunteers will approve items before removing them from your vehicle.


Saturdays from 10am-1pm between May and October.
Grand Opening May 12, 2018.


In the Bedford Hills Train Station Parking Lot (off of 117 and at the end of Railroad Ave.).


Residents of the Town of Bedford may drop off items.¬†The hope is¬†that “customers” will not take items to sell, but instead will repurpose them for themselves or friends.


Come join the fun! Volunteers run this program from 9:30am-1:30pm on Saturdays from May-October. Contact us to volunteer.

Meatless Monday Recipes Week 11

Vegetarian Nachos

The Sauerhoff family sent in this photo update since we reported on their progress with Meatless Mondays last week. We love this vegetarian meal idea, vegetarian nachos, and so will the family.

Nachos are easy and versatile. They are also a great way to clean out the fridge if you have any roasted vegetables, cooked beans, onions, cheese, salsa, greek yogurt, cilantro, scallions, avocado, or any kind of grains that don’t mind getting spiced up with cumin, garlic powder, chili powder, or cayenne pepper!

We have assembled several versions of vegetarian nacho recipes for you to enjoy, maybe in front of one of these environmentally themed movies for kids.

Another way to do this is to make a nacho casserole “dip” with a grain, beans, veggies, and Mexican seasoning, top with cheese and bake. Serve with chips.

Let us know if you come up with a great combination by posting your nacho creation on Instagram or Facebook!