B2020 Board Member Named Finalist!

Karen Sabath and her business partners, her brother Scott Horwitz and college roommate Doris Sung, have developed a technology, the TBM InVert shading system, that was selected as a top 10 finalist in the C40 Women 4 Climate Tech Challenge, with the final selection to be made in Paris in late February.

The InVert system uses thermo-bimetal inside a window cavity that flips when it gets hot from the sun and then reflects the sun’s heat away from the building. This reduces the amount of heat getting into the building, reducing the amount of air conditioning needed to cool the building, and therefore reduces energy and fossil fuel usage.

Karen says, “We are thrilled to have been selected and hope to not only win the competition, but to get even more investors and cities interested in this elegant, smart, energy saving product which we believe can change the world.”

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