Reduce your garbage and improve your garden by composting your organic scraps. Our “how to” guides will show how it easy it is to get started.
Our one-stop hub for all things local food: how to grow your own, how to shop local farms and markets, and cooking tips for the Bedford foodie!
We’re three years into our ten-year program to reduce carbon emissions by 20%. How far have we come? Check the numbers for yourself.
Helping institutions and large organizations source local food to deliver healthy, sustainable options.

Students compete to implement the best Big Green Ideas to reduce greenhouse gasses or protect natural resources in our community.​

We’ve made it easier to recycle more, and are even helping local carters introduce money-back incentives for increased recycling.
A pioneering program to help homeowners reduce waste and save money by accessing incentives to retrofit their houses.

Eliminate kitchen scraps from the waste stream, and help distribute them all where they’ll do the most good.​

Protect our water and the health of our families by eliminating synthetic pesticides and toxins from lawn care. Take the no-pesticide pledge!