Community Members go Meatless on Mondays

Some community members who have taken the Meatless Monday pledge shared photos and stories with us about their participation in the campaign.

Lucia/Sourbis Family

This family found an easy and tasty solution that allows them to stick with Meatless Mondays without much effort: breakfast for dinner. Now they really look forward to Mondays!

The Sauerhoff Family

The Sauerhoff Family has pledged to do Meatless Mondays.  Here’s a look into the Family’s experience a little more than half way through the campaign.  Lee Sauerhoff, a Katonah resident, lawyer and mother to three elementary school aged children answers some questions.

So how is it going?

It is no problem!  We usually do a pasta or a frittata or both on Mondays and the kids really like cheese ravioli.  I’ve been combining my Meatless Monday efforts with my reducing waste effort, so I’ve been sautéing whatever leftover vegetables we have from the weekend into a frittata and the kids are actually eating it.  It’s pretty easy, pretty quick and works well.


Have you gained any insights about your own behaviors and attitudes through this?

Yeah, I would say it gave me incentive to be more open to a meatless dinner.  I was more likely always to have a meat with dinner and didn’t think a meatless dinner was going to fly.  But since we had an incentive, it definitely motivated us to try and to stick with it.  And then once we got our system down, it was really no problem.


Do you think you might continue this after the campaign is over?
Yeah, yeah for sure.


Do you feel it will make an environmental impact?

Not a big one.  I think it’s got to be more, it could catch on, but it’s really got to be significant to make an environmental impact.  I like the theory, the philosophy and starting the movement and participating in that, but it’s really got to be universal to make a huge impact


I’ll tell you what, we saved money.  We for sure saved money.


The Morris Family

The Morris Family shared a recent Monday dinner photo with us and said they have rediscovered Village Social after the Climate Action Summit, enjoying the veggie burger there. Below, mushroom and onion pizza and arugula salad.

Click here for community member recipe submissions.

Meatless Monday Partner – Harvey School

The Harvey School officially signed on to be a partner of Meatless Mondays with Bedford 2020. This independent school, located in Katonah, has students who commute from the surrounding area, as well as some who live on campus. Their food service provider, Flik, provides 3 meals a day in the Harvey dining room.


Harvey School’s chef, Chef Lee, has provided a meatless entree at lunch on Mondays for students and faculty who want to participate in Meatless Mondays. Posters were hung, table tents set up, and many students, faculty, and administrators have been participating by going meatless in the dining hall on Mondays.  The communications director has also provided a link to the Meatless Monday with Bedford 2020 pledge on the Harvey Facebook page and in a weekly newsletter, encouraging our constituents to sign on.


According to science teacher Marcie Hajem, “Students in my class are challenging their own families to try the Meatless Monday campaign and have signed up on the website.  The website provides all kinds of information, including recipes.  My biology class is going to be talking to their families about this and to see if they have any family favorite recipes they would like to share with Bedford 2020.”


Jack Anderson in the 10th grade shared, “I am going to try and have my family participate in meatless Mondays. I think it will be a challenge but I want to see if we can change our eating habits by having meatless Mondays, we will help save resources. ”


If you would like to try Chef Lee’s Revved Up Macaroni and Cheese click here for the recipe.

Meatless Monday Partners – Katonah Pasta and its 3 Sisters

One of the easiest standbys for Meatless Mondays is PASTA! Assuming that you are not mixing, rolling, and cutting your own, you can buy dry or fresh pasta and have dinner on the table in a little more than the time it takes to boil water! Click here for recipes for 48 vegetarian pasta dishes.

Katonah Pasta

If you are looking for delicious fresh pasta, “just like Grandma used to make,” stop in to Katonah Pasta at 28 Valley Road in Katonah and check out the great varieties of fresh pastas, raviolis, and prepared takeaway dishes. The owners, Antonio and Alfredo Abbate also own the Blue Dolphin in Katonah, Le Fontane in Somers, and Bacio Trattoria in Cross River. Each has a unique atmosphere, but all serve delicious, Italian style, fresh food and offer meatless menu items. Open daily. 914-401-9045.

Blue Dolphin

photo from

The The Blue Dolphin in on the main street in Katonah inside an old-fashioned, metal diner with some outdoor seating along the sidewalk when the weather is nice. Many are surprised that it is not actually a diner, but a refined Italian restaurant! Meatless dishes include a long list of pastas including Farfalle Ricche (asparagus, zucchini, pesto cream sauce) and Ziti Blue Dolphin(zucchini, black olives, garlic and oil).  We love seeing their Meatless Monday with Bedford 2020 poster on the door!

The Blue Dolphin is located at 175 Katonah Ave, Katonah. Opens Monday-Saturday at 11am, closed on Sundays. 914-232-4791 (does not take reservations).

Le Fonatne

Meatless Monday Partner Le Fontane offers equally great Italian food, extra vegetarian specials on Mondays, and a spectacular wine list. Giovanni Abbate, Restaurant Manager and Chef at Le Fontane, reached out to Bedford 2020 to join in the Meatless Monday effort and offered to host a Vegetarian Wine Pairing dinner on Thursday, March 22 at 7pm. We love that!

“I love the challenge that comes from a plant-based menu. It has to be based on what is available and fresh and that often allows for a lot of creativity,” explained Giovanni who has created a six plant-based courses paired with four different wines for a special price of $45 in honor of our community-wide effort.

Giovanni Abbate, Manager and Chef at Le Fontane

“We are happy to respond to the interests of our customers and our community, and we encourage friends of Bedford 2020 and Meatless Monday to join us for this experience, ” added Giovanni.

Le Fontane’s Vegetarian Wine Pairing Dinner will be on Thursday, March 22nd at 7pm.  Le Fontane is located at the corner of Rt. 100 and 39 in Somers. For reservations call (914) 232-9619.

BaCio Trattoria

If your kids go to John Jay High School or Middle School, you probably pass by BaCio all the time. After last year’s renovation and expansion, they now have more seating and updated decor, but still offer the same warm atmosphere and great Italian food including several meatless options.

BaCio Trattoria is located at 12 North Salem Road, Cross River, NY. Opens at noon Tues-Sun and at 5pm on Mondays. 914-763-2233 (does not take reservations).

 For more Meatless Monday with Bedford 2020 Partners, visit our newsletter archive!

Meatless Monday Mount Kisco Partners

Grab and Go!

Looking for quick and easy meatless meals to bring home that are good for you and good for the planet? We have several Meatless Monday partners to come to your rescue! Mount Kisco based partners:

  • Siegel Bros. Marketplace
  • Ladle of Love
  • Skinny Buddha Organic Kitchen

All three have prepared foods that are delicious and available for pick up any day of the week.

Siegel Bros. Marketplace offer a new produce section and prepared vegetarian entrees. Jenni Mendez is the chef who made this delicious dish, Beth Nevins is in the middle, and Rona (left) is one of the cashiers.

Siegel Bros. Marketplace

This family owned Mount Kisco food seller is an “old school food market concept for how people are eating today.”

Offering many options for sustainable and seasonal eating, Siegel Bros. Marketplace sells fresh produce, meats raised on Hudson Valley farms without hormones and antibiotics, seasonally caught wild fish and sustainably-farmed seafood that is delivered daily, and among its array of prepared foods, offers several vegetarian entrees and sides available for carry out.

Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables: spinach, sweet potato, cremini and button mushroom, Brussel sprouts

Consider grab and go options: Broccoli Lasagna, Eggplant Parmigana, Kale Salad or Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables.  There is a “Meals on the Go” option you may order ahead with a Vegan Burger and choice of two sides that can be picked up in store, delivered curbside or to the Mount Kisco Train Station platform.

Visit Siegel Bros. Marketplace at 39 S. Moger Ave. in Mount Kisco Mon.-Fri. 9am-7pm or Sat. and Sun.10am-6pm. Or place your order at (914) 864-0690;


Ladle of Love

As we featured in the Meatless Monday with Bedford 2020 Week 2 newsletter, Ladle of Love has a variety of vegetarian and vegan soups available every day! Ladle of Love is located at 11B South Moger Avenue in Mount Kisco. It is open 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Saturdays, and closed Sundays. Read more here!

Skinny Buddha Organic Kitchen

Chef Elyce Jacobson specializes in creating delicious, healthy food that is vegan, organic, and gluten-free in this Mount Kisco “kitchen” with counter seating, grab and go, or catering available. Skinny Buddha also offers “meal programs” for cleansing, detoxification, weight loss, or just to simplify your life!

The entire menu qualifies for Meatless Mondays, every day of the week. Consider trying vegan burgers and toasts, green wraps, Buddha bowls, smoothies, acai bowls, soups, or entrees like the BBQ Vegan Meatloaf with Roasted Vegetables and Vegetarian meatballs.

Visit Skinny Buddha Organic Kitchen at 159 Lexington Ave., Mount Kisco (next to Pins and Needles)

Pick up window hours Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat and Sun 9:30am-3pm.

For inquires and delivery call 914-358-1666. Place your order online at

Click here to see who else has partnered with Bedford 2020 for Meatless Mondays!

Meatless Monday Partner – Northern Westchester Hospital

Week 6

Partner Northern Westchester Hospital: Northwell Health


Meatless Monday Partner – The Whitlock

Located conveniently across from the Katonah train station, The Whitlock serves up several outstanding vegetarian options with a friendly and casual “farmhouse” feel. While they are not open on Mondays, they have partnered with Bedford 2020’s Meatless Mondays to help  inspire plant-based eating any day of the week.

Christina and Matt Safarowic opened the Whitlock in the fall of 2017 with a dedication to creating a “hyper-local and authentic experience” in the heart of the Katonah.  Their dishes they serve include “locally sourced, seasonal, fresh ingredients focused on the flavor and simple presentation.”  They demonstrate their commitment to sustainably sourced food by purchasing produce and meats from local producers: Abma Farms, Blooming Hill Farm, CM Meats and Meadowland Farm.

On their menu, you will find a gnocchi with pesto and pistachios, a hearty veggie burger, and a selection of vegetarian appetizers like the roasted artichoke dip and the Willy Nick’s fried green beans. They have shared their veggie burger recipe for this week’s Meatless Monday newsletter.

The Meatless Monday Pledge asks people to give up eating meat one day a week – any day of the week that you would normally  eat meat. So, remember to mention Meatless Monday when you order vegetarian options at our partner restaurants on other days of the week, too!

Visit the Newsletter Archive for more.

Meatless Monday Partner – Ladle of Love

Chef, food and lifestyle writer, and business owner Leslie Lampert has been pursuing her love for locally produced food for over 30 years. Her take-out soup shop, Ladle of Love, has a seasonally-driven menu featuring fresh ingredients from neighborhood farms. These hearty soups are a satisfying and delicious choice for a meatless meal!

“We practice Meatless Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…every day of the week, because we offer very many vegetarian and vegan dishes every day,” said Lampert.

While the menu changes daily, you can be sure to find some meatless dishes at Ladle of Love.

“Every day we feature Harvest Celebration, Chunky Vegetable, and Tuscan Tomato, all three of which are vegan. We also rotate a lot of specials, many of which are meatless. Fan favorites include quinoa vegetarian chili, vegan potato leek soup, and curry vegetable stew,” she said.

Beyond supporting local farmers and growers, Leslie is active with several charitable initiatives around Westchester. As the Culinary Team at the Boys & Girls Club of Northern Westchester,

Lade of Love provides over 1,000 children hot meals per week. Leslie also works with Bedford 2020, as one of the pilot business for the green business project. She also sits on the business board, and provided food through Ladle of Love for the Climate Summit on February 3rd!

“I’ve worked with Bedford 2020 since the beginning, because I am very conscientious about the energy and carbon footprint of my businesses,” said Leslie. “I’m a big supporter of the organization, and I love the people who run it—I love everyone there.”

Stop by today to thank Leslie for her support and have a delicious meal! Be sure to try to Bedford 2020 Beans & Greens Soup—a vegan, gluten free dish featuring winter greens, kidney beans, chickpeas, housemate vegetable broth, and herbs.

Ladle of Love is located at 11B South Moger Avenue in Mount Kisco. It is open 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Saturdays, and closed Sundays.

Cafe of Love, also owned by Lampert, is located at 38 East Main St, Mount Kisco and open Tuesday – Sunday.




Meatless Monday Partner: Truck


Photo from NY Times

Located at a former truck stop for travelers on Route 22, TRUCK is a casual, lively restaurant in Bedford, NY. The eclectic menu features everything from organic carrot cake twinkies to chile marinaded wild shrimp, and is largely inspired by the cuisine Northern New Mexico, where owner Nancy Roper grew up.

Beans, a staple of New Mexican cuisine, are a versatile protein which make meatless eating at TRUCK very easy.

“We have a ‘Bean of the Week’ promotion which we really push. We always have organic, New York State grown organic black beans, but every week we feature a different bean because they’re full of protein, and they’re really good for you. We want people to eat more beans!” said Roper.

Roper emphasized great variety of shapes, textures, and tastes within the Beans of the Week.

“The Royal Corona is a fan favorite–it has a following, just because it’s so big. Ayocote Morado is a brown, medium sized bean, very tasty. It has a little bit of a thicker skin, so it’s a lot of fun to eat. There’s also a little tiny bean called Pinquito. It’s very cute and flavorful, with interesting definition in the skin. There really hasn’t been a dud of the bean—they’ve all been popular.”

TRUCK also provides locally-grown vegetables all year round.

“We’re in the heart the season of rutabagas, root vegetables, parsnips, and purple top turnips from places such as Riverbank Farm in Connecticut and Sun Sprout farm in New York,” said Roper.

TRUCK buys produce from Cabbage Hill Farm in Mt. Kisco

TRUCK even sources as close as Cabbage Hill farm in Mount Kicso, which provides year-ground lettuce, Bok Choy, and microgreens from its greenhouse.

Visit TRUCK during the campaign to check out the Bean of the Week, locally grown produce, and to try the Bedford 2020 Roasted Vegetable Blue Corn Enchilada, featuring seasonal vegetables, Monterey Jack cheese, mild chile sauce, and pico de gallo!

TRUCK is located at 381 Old Post Road in Bedford, NY, and open the following hours:

  • Lunch: Tues – Fri   11:30am-3:30pm
  • Dinner: Tues – Thu 5:30pm-9:30pm
  • Dinner: Friday 5:30pm-10:30pm
  • Dinner: Sat – 5:00pm-10:30pm
  • Sunday: 4:30pm-9pm
  • CLOSED Monday (so get on board Meatless Monday at Truck any other day!)

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Meatless Monday Partner: Reading Room

An interview with Peter Menzies

A popular gourmet market and cafe in Katonah, the Reading Room provides a selection of books, freshly baked goods, prepared foods, and to health related products in a cozy environmental full of locals. For years, owner Peter Menzies has embraced meatless eating both at home and in store.

“My family and I have participated in Meatless Monday before–not perfectly, but we tried. The main reason we did it was environmental. I am astonished by the amount of resources a pound of beef sucks up—between the water and feed, it’s just an inefficient protein.”

While Reading Room serves some meat products, its most popular items are meatless.

“Our top 3 menu items are avocado toast, kale salad, and egg sandwiches. Avocado toast is by far our most popular product—it sells four times better than the kale salad. So it’s completely intentional the Reading Room menu has lots of meatless options–we know our audience, and people don’t want heavy meat-laden items,” Menzeis said.

Meatless options are likely so popular due to health, as well as environment concerns.

“The majority of our customers are health conscious; they care very much about what they eat. Some have dietary restrictions, but for the most part they’re looking for something that’s healthy and easy. People are also aware of the environmental impact of their food, and making conscious decisions to eat differently with the environment in mind.”

The Reading Room is located at 19 Edgemont Road in Katonah, and open from morning to late afternoon every day of the week. Stop by during the campaign and you can try the Bedford 2020 Kale Salad—a hearty salad with kale, vegetables, spiced nuts and parmesan!

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