Become a Community Partner

We invite organizations throughout Westchester, Mid-Hudson, NYC and Connecticut to join us as community partners at the The Bedford 2020 Climate Action Summit at Fox Lane High School on February 3, 2018.

We ask Community Partners to spread the word about this event to their constituents a few times before February 3rd. Partners will be listed as supporters of the event on the Bedford 2020 Climate Action Summit webpage and in signage at the event.

Our partners also may choose to attend a strategy session, help with pre-planning, volunteer at the event, participate in the expo, make a donation or become a sponsor.  To help with outreach and participate in one or more of these ways, please let us know using the links below. Thank you!

To be a partner and help us spread the word about the event or to volunteer, fill out the form below.

Feb. 3, 2018 - Climate Summit Partner ParticipationForm

Feb. 3, 2018 - Climate Summit Partner ParticipationForm


To apply to be in the expo, click here

To become a sponsor, click here.

To make a donation click here or please mail a check to Bedford 2020 Coalition, PO Box 812, Bedford Hills, NY 10507.

Questions? Contact Ellen Calves at call (914) 620-2411.

Sponsor Information and Application

The Bedford 2020 Climate Action Summit will engage up to 1,000 people who want to seize opportunities to impact our future and the future of our planet.

Please fill out the form below to apply to be a sponsor of this action-oriented event on Saturday, February 3, 2018, at Fox Lane High School, Bedford, NY.

The Bedford 2020 Climate Action Summit will inspire and empower participants to take on hot solutions for a cool planet! The event will engage 1,000 attendees from Westchester County, Mid-Hudson, NYC and Connecticut in opportunities to take action around Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles, Food Choice/Food Waste, and much more!

The event will feature a nationally renowned climate change experts, policy makers, business leaders, and organizers who will speak, run workshops and panel discussions, and participate in a dynamic and interactive expo.


The Climate Action Summit will be heavily promoted through local media as well as by Bedford 2020 and our Community Partners throughout the region who will disseminate information through e-blasts, social media and flyers to their extensive audiences. This outreach will be seen by tens of thousands of highly-engaged residents of Westchester, Western Connecticut and parts of the Mid-Hudson region who are motivated around accountability, sustainability, and energy independence. Sponsor names will be included in all promotion efforts.


There are a limited number of signature sponsorship opportunities available for the Bedford 2020 Climate Action Summit.  See below for information about sponsorship levels and the benefits associated with each.  If you would like to apply to become a sponsor, please fill out the form below.  For more information contact Midge Iorio, Executive Director,; (914) 620-2411.

After your sponsorship has been approved, please email a high-resolution file of your company logo to and mail the sponsorship fee, payable to Bedford 2020 Coalition, to P.O. Box 812, Bedford Hills, NY 10507.

Sponsor Application

Sponsor Application


Signature sponsorship opportunities available:

Gold: $5,000

  • Top Billing as a premiere Sponsor
  • Sponsor name and/or logo included on all publicity materials, website, media 
communications and prominently displayed at the event.
  • Naming rights to a section of the event
  • Complimentary Premium Expo table in prominent, high-traffic location
  • 6 food forum admission tickets (includes lunch), value $150
  • Access to VIP room at the Event

Silver: $3,000 

  • Billing as a second tier Sponsor
  • Sponsor name and/or logo included on all publicity materials, website media 
communications and at the event.
  • Naming rights to section of expo or workshop
  • Complimentary Expo table in prominent, high-traffic location
  • 3 food forum admission tickets (includes lunch), value $75
  • Access to VIP room at the Event

Green: $1,500

  • Billing as a third tier Sponsor
  • Sponsor name on publicity materials, website and event signage
  • Complimentary Expo table
  • 2 Food Forum admission tickets, value $50
  • Access to VIP room at the event

If you have questions or would like to discuss, please 
contact: Midge Iorio, Executive Director, Bedford 2020: (914) 620-2411, office; (914) 589-2385, cell.

Thank you!

Climate Action Summit Exhibitor Info

We are thrilled you will participate at the Bedford 2020 Climate Action Summit on February 3, 2018 at Fox Lane High School.

Our goal is to create a lively Expo area that advances the themes of the day’s event – hot solutions for a cool planet – and engages, educates, and inspires all of our participants!

The Expo will be open throughout the daylong event from 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., with time set aside in the schedule for attendees to explore the Expo. There will be 75 booths and we anticipate up to 1,000 attendees.  The Expo is sold out.

Booth Fees:

  • $500 for commercial Expo participants,
  • $200 for small businesses,
  • $50 for non-profits and farms

If you have not already done so, please pay by check to Bedford 2020 Coalition, to PO Box 812, Bedford Hills, NY 10507.  Please pay by 1/20/18.

Booth Attendees:

Expo tables must be attended by at least one person at all times during the event, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Each person who attends an Expo table is also required to pre-register for the event. Click here to register everyone who will work your expo booth.

There are three ticket types to choose from when you register:

  • Expo Only (no additional fee)
  • Expo/Lunch (includes fee for lunch)
  • Full Access ($___ fee to attend workshops/speakers throughout the day and lunch).

Everyone attending the event, please print and sign this liability waiver and either scan it and email it back to us . If you prefer to mail it, send to Bedford 2020 at PO Box 812, Bedford HIlls, NY 10507, or you may bring it when you come to set up for the Expo.

If you are selling food or beverage items, please email us a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming Bedford Central School District as an additional insured.

Payment and Registration must be made no later than January 20. We will start accepting waitlisted applicants if payments for reserved spots have not been received by then.

Set Up

Booth setup will be on Friday, February 2nd from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 pm. We will have volunteers to help carry items from your car, hang signs, etc. Both doors to FLHS will be open for set up.

When you arrive we will check you in for the Expo, give you your ticket for lunch (if purchased), make sure you signed a liability waiver, and show you your table location. 

If you are unable to set up on Friday, please arrive by 7:30am on Saturday, March 4th to check in and set up by 8:15 a.m. South doors will lock at 8am so that event attendees will check in through the North entrance.

Exhibitors are requested not to close their booths until 3 p.m. on Saturday.


  • Expo tables are 8 feet by 3 feet and will be covered with a tablecloth.
  • Each table will have 2 chairs unless more are requested
  • Participants with small displays may be asked to share tables.
  • Special equipment, such as easels, must be supplied by exhibitors.

If you need electricity, please bring 1-2 extension cords (and perhaps duct tape in case need covering).

If you need to access a website and yours is not already on this list, please email us the website(s) you need cleared by January 20th.

Demos and Placement

Our Expo Chair has been in conversation with many of you about where your table will be located and if you plan to do a specific demonstration that we can put on a schedule. We will produce a schedule of demos and a map of exhibitors. If you have questions about this, please contact us.


We appreciate your being a part of this incredible event to educate and inspire our community to take some formidable climate action!

Greenlight Award Timeline 2017-2018




October 27th: Sign up to participate

November 1: Attend Incubator Workshop at Harvey

  • Participants meet with community experts, refine the direction of their project and learn about available resources and Round 1 requirements.

December 1: Project Proposal Form Due

  • This will be reviewed in advance by the Round 1 judges.

December 7: Power Point Presentation Due

  • Presentations must be submitted in advance via Dropbox for Round 1.

December 9: Round 1 at John Jay High School

  • Present before panel of judges. Students have 3 minutes to present and judges have 2 minutes to ask questions.

After Round 1

  • Finalists are selected to receive project seed-funding up to $1,000 and will have access to community experts to develop and pilot their ideas.

January 11: Mandatory Incubator Workshop for Finalists

  • Participants meet with community experts again to “hatch” their projects, receive training on data collection, and learn more about Finals requirements.

February 1: Mid-Way Report Due

  • Finalists submit report on the status of their project. Link will be posted here.

May: Final Round (date TBD).

  • Completed projects are presented at a community-wide Shark Tank event and Greenlight Award winner is selected.
  • Winning team receives $500 cash prize!
  • All finalists are celebrated and press release with project results and photos sent to media.

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Avoid Pesticides

If we buy toxins to control “pests” in our gardens, is it any wonder that they do their job and kill plants and beneficial insects?

Pesticides and herbicides, both conventional AND organic, work so well that in the last 20 years the worldwide bee population has declined by over 40% and the butterfly population by 60%. Bird populations that rely on these pollinators to feed their young, and humans who depend on the same pollinators to grow our food, are impacted as well.

Pesticides are linked to these devastating declines, as well as to human cancers, hormone imbalances and neurological impairments. Yet, American homeowners purchase more than  one billion pounds of pesticides every year. This, combined with the overuse of herbicides (including the very toxic glyphosate – marketed as RoundUp) have caused our lawns to become the biggest, most toxic, ‘crop’ in the USA.

Most homeowners are not aware that more than 90% of a pesticide application does not reach its actual target, but ends up in our waterways, killing other organisms and harming ourselves.

Pesticide warning sign on a park lawn.

Pesticides create a deadly cycle by doing exactly the opposite of what they were intended to do: promote the growth of pests by eliminating their natural predators.

There is plentiful evidence of the negative impacts to humans and their pets of pesticides and herbicides. While many countries have drastically limited or banned the use of these harmful pesticides, the US government is loosening its safety requirements, and postponing consideration of the possible dangers of these chemicals.

If we want to keep these poisons out of plants, our air, soil and water — and ourselves —  the restraint must begin at home.

A healthy yard is a yard without pesticides. There are many beautiful yards in our area that prove that pesticide-free yards are perfectly possible, and are not difficult to achieve.

More information:

Beneficial Insects from Cornell Entomology Dept.

Energized Homeowners Spread the Word

Calling all Energized Homeowners!

Become Energize Bedford ambassadors by agreeing to any and all of the easy outreach methods below:

  • Yes! I will send out an email to 2-4 of my friends about my Energize Bedford (We’ll give you a sample email.)


  • Yes! I will post a blurb on my social media about my Energize Bedford (We’ll give you a sample social media post and a graphic to share.)


  • Yes! I will put up an Energize Bedford Lawn Sign that says “Ask me about my Warm Home & Hot Savings” and be willing to explain my energy efficiency assessment and upgrades when people ask me. (We’ll give you the lawn sign and a fact sheet.)


  • Yes, I will attend your “Warm Homes/Hot Savings” Launch Event at the Bedford Hills Train station on Thursday, October 5 at 7pm. (We’re having craft beer, snacks, entertainment, and info about Energize Bedford. Having Energized homeowners like you there will let other homeowners ask you questions in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. (We will make it fun!)


  • And yes! I’ll invite a few of my friends who have not yet Energized to come to the October 5th event!




  • Yes! I will send you a photo of my Energized home! (And we would love to have you and your family in the photo!)


Energized Homeowner Form

If you checked any of the above, thank you! We will follow up with materials for you.

Energize Bedford is a non-profit partner of Bedford 2020 and Town of Bedford.

A Letter to Our Neighbors

Ellen Rouse Conrad
Sarah Douglis
Olivia H. Farr
Mary Beth Kass
Peter Kuniholm
Stuart Marwell
Vickie Morris
Rabbi Jason Nevarez
Caroline Niemczyk
Richard Ottinger
Veronique Pittman
Lee V. Roberts
Karen Sabath
Karen Simons
Mark Thielking
Jim Wood
Lauren Brois
Kirtley Cameron
Jayni Chase
Jim Diamond
Janet Harckham
Mimi Adams Lines
Drew Patrick

Email; 914-620-2411
PO Box 812, Bedford Hills 10507


Fall 2017

Dear Neighbor:

Seven years ago, our community created Bedford 2020 to achieve big climate action goals. And together we have! We have moved thousands to reduce waste, increase efficiency, take on big green solutions, and address climate change. Click here to see our 2017 Progress Report.

But we need to do more. Communities, like ours, that enact measures, change systems, and transform behavior will ultimately shape the way our world will face or deny climate change.

Bedford 2020 has ambitious goals for the year ahead. Engaging the entire community in action and climate solutions, we will:

  • Further reduce greenhouse gas emissions through home energy efficiency, our Town’s 100% renewable energy program, electric vehicle solutions, and solar energy opportunities. 
  • Launch a Planet and Plate campaign to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging plant-based and local eating.
  • Drive our community towards zero waste by increasing Community Compost, Single Stream Recycling, and use of our Take It or Leave It Shed.
  • Engage the next generation of environmental leaders and educate hundreds of students through our Greenlight Award Competition.
  • Host a major Summit February 3rd to engage community members, leaders and innovators in today’s most impactful climate solutions.

We can’t do this alone. We are asking for your generous support to redouble our efforts for a super-charged year ahead. Please consider making a donation to our Annual Appeal by mail or at online today.

We thank you for your support at any level as we lead our community, and beyond, in working to leave our children, grandchildren, and generations to come with a clean, healthy planet.


Ellen Rouse Conrad, Olivia Farr, and Mary Beth Kass, Co-Founders

Go Green with Bedford 2020!

Join us for an open forum to learn more about our town’s environmental movement!

WHEN: September 27, 2017, from 6 to 7pm

WHERE: Bedford Hills Community House, 74 Main St., Bedford Hills

KIDS: Babysitters will do a craft with kids while parents participate in the workshop.

RSVP: Contact us via email or call Ellen Calves at 914-620-2411.

Let’s Compost, Bedford!

Sign up for Community Compost and buy your bins at the Bedford 2020 office in Katonah. Click here for more information and to sign up after you watch our “how to” video!

Community Compost – Town of Bedford from Bedford 2020 on Vimeo.

Seeking Volunteers for Go Meatless! Effort

The Bedford 2020 Food and Agriculture Task Force will launch a campaign to encourage people to eat less meat to reduce their carbon footprint between Feb. 5 and May 21, 2018.

Volunteers will help get the entire community involved.

We are looking for volunteers for the following:

  • Committee Members who will help with online email newsletters and social media posts, curate recipes, plan events, do outreach to community partners, and collect and manage data.
  • Participants who will elect to give up eating meat one day a week between Feb. 5 and May 21, 2018, and report on their participation.

If you are interested in being on the committee or being part of the group, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch. Thank you.

Meatless Monday Pilot
If you click yes, we will contact you when the pilot is ready to launch to confirm that you want to participate.
If you check yes, we will contact you about coming to a committee meeting.