Seed Swap at TIOLI 10/24

Repair Cafe 9/26

Bring your broken, your torn, your not-working stuff… and let’s work together to fix it!

Join us at the Repair Cafe on Saturday, September 26 from 10am-12pm at the Bedford Hills Train Station

REPAIRERS: If you know how to fix things electronic or mechanical, know sewing or carpentry, we hope you will join us. Please let us know if you’ll be there, and bring your tools.

IN NEED OF REPAIR: Bring your items that need help and you will work with one of our repairers to fix it.

This Repair Cafe will feature several mending/sewing experts!

In addition to the Repair Cafe, there will be additional partner tables related to Climate Week and the TIOLI will be open across the way in the commuter parking lot. See the Climate Week schedule for details!


The Future of Clean Energy in Westchester!

Virtual Event
Wednesday, September 23, 5:30-6:30pm

Join Sustainable Westchester to learn more about where we are, what’s coming next and what clean energy means for all of our communities. 

Presenters will explore the important role clean energy plays in creating healthier, more vibrant communities and how Sustainable Westchester’s energy programs lower CO2 emissions.

The presentation will also explore what’s next in terms of innovation Sustainable Westchester and its partners are launching and how we can all work together to make a clean energy transition a reality.

The hour long webinar will offer ample time not only for questions & answers, but to hear your thoughts about a clean energy future.

Garden Tour 9/13

On Sunday September 13 Bedford 2030 and Healthy Yards are inviting the residents of Westchster to have a look at their neighbors’ pollinator friendly gardens.

During the tour, private homeowners will open their yards to show how they manage their yard with practices that reduce their carbon footprint and support a healthier biodiversity.

Public gardens and preserves will have professionals available to share their environmental landscaping knowledge. Owners of  the residential gardens will be available to answer questions as well.

Don’t expect perfectly manicured properties! The emphasis is on how we can create healthier yards and enjoy more biodiversity.

What are ‘healthier yard’ practices? No toxins, leave the leaves and limit the lawn in favor of beneficial plant species.

The tour will have a morning shift ( 10am-1pm) and an afternoon shift (1pm-4pm). All visitors are asked to wear masks and keep a safe distance.

The properties can be closed at any time when the situation feels crowded or unsafe.

For the map of the tour, visit: and click here for a list of gardens on the tour.


Please let us know if you would like to help make our community events a success! Sign up below and we will follow up wtih more details. Thanks!

Thank you!

Volunteer Form – Summer and Fall 2020
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Questions? Contact us!

2040 Film Screening and Q&A with the Director

Join us for Bedford 2030’s Climate Week as we relaunch our mission to engage the entire community in action. This film, 2040, is the perfect start to the week since it envisions a future we are working together to create.

Award-winning director Damon Gameau (That Sugar Film) embarks on a journey to explore what the future could look like by the year 2040 if we simply embraced the best solutions already available to us to improve our planet and shifted them rapidly into the mainstream. Structured as a visual letter to his 4-year-old daughter, Damon blends traditional documentary with dramatised sequences and high-end visual effects to create a vision board of how these solutions could regenerate the world for future generations. 

The film is lively, educational, and visionary on a wide range of topics and we encourage everyone who wants to learn more or be inspired about our future to watch this and join us for the follow up conversation!

Screen the film at home between September 14 and 21, and then on Monday, September 21st at 5:30pm join us with Director Damon Gameau for a community Zoom conversation about our shared vision and what we can all do to take climate action now!

Register to receive the links to watch the film and join the Zoom.

Imagine with us what we can do if we truly commit to Climate Action Now!

Community Meeting

Be a part of one of the most ambitious community environmental efforts in the nation!

Please join us for a Community Meeting, share your ideas for climate action, and find out more about how you can be involved.

  • What are the Bedford 2030 goals and what can you do?
  • How will we involve our entire community?
  • What activities and events are coming up this fall as we relaunch B2030?

RSVP for July 23, 2020; 7pm via Zoom

Click here to join Zoom Meeting

RSVP Green Read

Now Accepting Applications

Are you passionate about climate action? Motivated to reach ambitious goals? Excited to work in Bedford for positive change?

We’re hiring!

Check out these job descriptions and if you fit the bill, please submit your letter of interest and resume (with your name in the document title) via email to Ellen Calves.

 Please share this information if you know someone who may be interested in working on our team! Please apply by July 20th!

Planting a Mailbox Garden

Sandra Nam, from Plant Me A Rainbow, joined us to share tips about how to start a small perennial garden, sharing information about location type, tools needed, suggestions for specific plants, and more.

Did you miss the workshop? Watch the full recording.

Click above to download Sandra’s full presentation

Gardening can be overwhelming. Where to start? What to use? How to plant? Why not start with a simple mailbox project? You can start a simple perennial garden around your mailbox – or anywhere in your yard!

Creating an Informal Mailbox Garden

Take a shovel and a few plants (see our suggestions below). Remove the weeds, dig holes, fill with water, insert the plants. Keep moist and keep the area weed-free for the first months. After that, occasionally weeding and watering only during dry spells should be enough.

Creating a More Formal Mailbox Garden

For a more formal garden, choose edging first (whatever you have available). Inundate the inside area with water, cover with cardboard, add mulch and keep wet.

After a few months, when the cardboard has degraded and is soft enough to break with gentle pushing of a shovel, you can start planting, right through the mulch and cardboard. Reduce the layer of mulch to about 1 inch deep, to allow your plants to spread sideways, so they can fill in the area and make it harder for weeds to invade.

Keep watering your new plants for the first weeks. After that, occasional weeding and watering during dry spells will be sufficient.

Easy Fool-Proof Plant Species

Plant species for sunny areas – in order of blooming

Zizia Aurea/Golden Alexander – Monarda bradburiana/Beebalm – Asclepia tuberosa/Butterflyweed – Echinacea purpurea/Purple coneflower – Symphyotrichum oblongifolium/Aromatic aster

Plant species for sun-shade areas – in order of blooming

Geranium maculatum/Wild geranium – Amsonia hubrichtii/Amsonia – Iris versicolor/Blue flag iris, Tradescantia/Spiderwort – Solidago caesi/Blue stem goldenrod

Plant species for shady areas – in order of blooming

Polemonium caeruleum/Jacob’s ladder –  Tiarella cordifolia/Foamflower – Athyrium filix femina/Lady fern – Eurybia divaricata/White wood aster – Solidago flexicaulis/Zigzag goldenrod


For a list of local nurseries and online nurseries with a collection of plants native to our area, click here.

Dig In Workshop Resources

WeekWorkshop ResourcesVideo Resources
Week #1Three Ways To CompostShort video
Week #2Local Food From CSAs: How To and Why Now
Week #3A Quick and Dirty Garden in 5 MinutesShort Video, Full Recording
Week #4Inviting and Observing PollinatorsShort Video, Full Recording
Week #5Soil You’re Undies: Find Out About the Quality of Your SoilShort Video, Full Recording
Week #6Weed ‘Em Out: Tackling Invasive Plants in Your YardShort Video, Full Recording
Week #7Land Stewardship: Caring For Your Yard Is Caring For the PlanetShort Video, Full Recording
Week #8Planting a Perennial Mailbox GardenShort Video, Full Recording
Week #9Timely Tips for VeggiesShort Video, Full Recording
Week #10Talk to Your LandscaperShort Video, Full Recording
Week #11Welcome To My Woodland GardenShort Video, Full Recording
Week #12Your Yard At NightShort Video, Full Recording
Week #13Attracting Birds To Your YardShort Video, Full Recording
Week #14A Vegetable Garden For EveryoneShort Video, Full Recording
Week #15Welcoming The Wild OnesShort Video, Full Recording
Week #16Where Are All The Butterflies?Full Recording
Week #17Gardening TipsShort Video, Full Recording
Week #18Meadowing the LawnShort Video, Full Recording
Week #19Seed SavingShort Video, Full Recording
Week #20Reliable Trees and Shrubs in Unreliable TimesShort Video, Full Recording
Week #21Fueling up for FallShort Video, Full Recording
Week #22Dig In Garden Tour PreviewShort Video