Community Choice Aggregation Comes to Westchester County

Bringing Increased Renewable Energy, Choice and Savings to Local Citizens



As of May 1, 2016, fourteen Westchester municipalities have adopted a 100% renewable energy supply — solar, wind and hydro with no fossil fuels and no nuclear power — for their residential and small business electricity needs. This decision is the most significant step our local communities have taken in meeting the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This developement is the result of the Westchester Community Choice Aggregation program, called Westchester Power, a New York State pilot that enables participating municipalities to choose where they source their energy demand from and save money by negotiating bulk pricing for their supply. Fourteen of the twenty municipalities participating the program, including the Town if Bedford, have made the 100% renewable energy choice.

Here’s How the Program Works

Twenty Westchester municipalities joined together to negotiate a bulk purchase of electricity. After a competitive bidding process, two thoroughly vetted and reputable suppliers were selected:

  • Con Edison Solutions, a subsidiary of Con Edison, for customers currently serviced by Con Edison;
  • Constellation Energy, a subsidiary of Exelon, a publicly traded company, for customers currently serviced by NYSEG.
Program Goals
  • Give consumers the power of choice in deciding how their energy is provided.
  • Accelerate the use of 100% renewable energy countywide.
  • Create cost stability and potential savings by providing fixed, stable rates that do not fluctuate on a monthly basis.

It’s Simple, Just One bill. Customer bills will still come from Con Edison or NYSEG. Con Edison or NYSEG will still deliver power and provide service for power outages.

  • Do nothing and enjoy stable rates that are lower than 2015 average rates and participate in bringing 100% renewable energy to Westchester County.
  • Opt-out and return to Con Edison or NYSEG as your electric power supplier at any time. Click here.
  • If you are already purchasing electric power from an energy supply company (an ESCO) and are considering switching to Westchester Power, review your existing contract to see when it expires and what (if any) penalties apply for early termination.
  • You can choose to terminate your contract with the ESCO and fill out an “opt in” form to join the Westchester Power program at any time. Click here.
More Information

Visit the Westchester Power website, or the Westchester Power page on the Town of Bedford website.

PowerUpLogo-RGBConcurrent with the Launch of Westchester Power, on April 28th Bedford 2020 hosted Power-Up for Clean Energy New York, an event that brought together New York State’s foremost experts in the field of energy with a diverse group of local stake holders to discuss strategies and solutions to creating a Clean Energy Future for Westchester County and the State.