Chilly Days, Chili Nights

According to the calendar, it’s already been Spring for two weeks. It hardly feels that way, though! The air has been cool, the sky gray, and the ground is a gravelly, muddy mess. We even had a snow-like hail substance screaming from the sky only this week. So, maybe we’re not quite ready for pea-shoot soup, or light, fresh salads.

Thanks to the good folks at Field-Goods (see our profile here) we’ve still been eating well. Especially when we try their recommended recipes. The recipe for easy chili was a big hit with our family. And, as the name suggests, it couldn’t have been simpler. Here goes:

  • Fry onions & garlic in a pan
  • Cook ground beef in a separate pan, drain, and then add to the onion and garlic
  • Add a can of diced tomatoes
  • Add a diced mix of yellow, red and green peppers, and corn kernels
  • Add a can of kidney beans
  • Add chili powder, spices, and hot sauces to taste (and finish with chopped cilantro if you like)

The longer you simmer this chili, the better it will taste. For the best flavor, make this chili the night before, then transfer to a slow cooker in the morning. By dinner time, the flavors should sing. Of course, if you’re home during the day, you should sneak a bowl for lunch!

We know it’s scarcely fair to call that a recipe, but the truth is, the best food is often the simplest, and sometimes we all need a reminder, in this hectic life we seem to insist on leading, that excellent ingredients, simply prepared and simply combined, can make the most satisfying meals.

(A little sour cream and shredded cheddar help, too!)