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Thank you to everyone who took the opportunity to salute our Moon Dance honorees, Jayni and Chevy Chase and Jim Wood — and to support Bedford 2020 and climate action in our community with a Moon Dance digital journal ad! Tribute ads are part of this video slideshow played on a repeating loop at the Moon Dance for 300+ attendees, shown here on the Bedford 2020 website, and posted on social media.

Digital Ad Options

All ads and tributes will be a full slide in the digital journal. The level you purchase determines how long the slide will play on the screen. A Tweet is a statement that will be displayed on a slide along with others. See the video below for a demonstration.
  • Premier Play: 6 second slide $750
  • Premium Play: 4 second slide $525
  • Patron Play: 2.5 second slide $325
  • Tweet: $150


Please send a PDF or high-resolution slide of your ad to or submit artwork here.

To purchase a Digital Ad or submit a Tweet, please fill out the form below.

Moon Dance Digital Journal Ad Order Form
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If paying by check, please mail to, Bedford 2020 P.O. Box 812, Bedford Hills NY 10507

To purchase online, please click here.

If you have any questions or need help creating your ad please contact us at