Save the Date:
February 3, 2018
Fox Lane High School, Bedford, NY

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to meet renowned experts, innovators, organizers, and policy-makers who will give you the tools and steps forward to implement the most impactful, cutting-edge solutions to climate change.

Move the needle on carbon – in your town, your home, your business, your organization and throughout New York State.

We will identify barriers to action and showcase today’s most impactful solutions through keynote speakers, workshops, panels and a dynamic expo – from leveraging EV’s to create a clean energy ecomony to food choice as a powerful tool in fighting carbon pollution to pollinator friendly solar installations — and much more. The goal will be joint action by many individuals  as well as action at the corporate, municipal, regional and state level.

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The Most Innovative and Impactful Topics

The Bedford 2020 Climate Action Summit will feature national leaders in the fight against Climate Change as keynote speakers; dynamic hands-on workshops; and an expo that brings to life and vividly highlights both existing solutions as well as those at the brink of becoming reality.

Sessions will focus on leaders and organizations at the forefront of implementing or creating powerful climate solutions.


ANTICIPATED PROGRAMS (list in formation):
Electric Vehicles at the Tipping Point

An EV is not just a car. It is the lynchpin for electric grid integration and a successful move to 100% Renewable Energy.

The Future of Energy is Here

100% Renewable Energy: What is it and how do we get there?

Making Carbon Decisions on Your Plate – Food Choices and Food Waste

If ranked as a country, food would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases globally, just behind the US and China.

Home of the Future – Innovative Solutions In and  Around Your Home

This track will focus on aggregated individual action that becomes a collective force for community-wide impact.

Innovative Agriculture and Energy Solutions – Pollinator Friendly Solar

This program has unparalleled potential to advance renewable energy, preserve natural resources, protect pollinators and promote local food and agriculture.

Motivating Free Market Evolution to a Clean Economy – Carbon Tax

Is placing a tax on carbon pollution a silver-bullet solution to fighting Climate Change?


List in formation.


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Organizations throughout Westchester, Mid-Hidson and western CT, work with us!

Community Partners promote the event to their constituencies and help ensure it will be full of climate action opportunities.


Bedford 2020’s Expos are Amazing!

Each element of this event will be designed to encourage participants to take action, including the Expo! If you want to apply to be in the expo, click here for more information.


#We’re Still In!

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