Community Members go Meatless on Mondays

Some community members who have taken the Meatless Monday pledge shared photos and stories with us about their participation in the campaign.

Lucia/Sourbis Family

This family found an easy and tasty solution that allows them to stick with Meatless Mondays without much effort: breakfast for dinner. Now they really look forward to Mondays!

The Sauerhoff Family

The Sauerhoff Family has pledged to do Meatless Mondays.  Here’s a look into the Family’s experience a little more than half way through the campaign.  Lee Sauerhoff, a Katonah resident, lawyer and mother to three elementary school aged children answers some questions.

So how is it going?

It is no problem!  We usually do a pasta or a frittata or both on Mondays and the kids really like cheese ravioli.  I’ve been combining my Meatless Monday efforts with my reducing waste effort, so I’ve been sautéing whatever leftover vegetables we have from the weekend into a frittata and the kids are actually eating it.  It’s pretty easy, pretty quick and works well.


Have you gained any insights about your own behaviors and attitudes through this?

Yeah, I would say it gave me incentive to be more open to a meatless dinner.  I was more likely always to have a meat with dinner and didn’t think a meatless dinner was going to fly.  But since we had an incentive, it definitely motivated us to try and to stick with it.  And then once we got our system down, it was really no problem.


Do you think you might continue this after the campaign is over?
Yeah, yeah for sure.


Do you feel it will make an environmental impact?

Not a big one.  I think it’s got to be more, it could catch on, but it’s really got to be significant to make an environmental impact.  I like the theory, the philosophy and starting the movement and participating in that, but it’s really got to be universal to make a huge impact


I’ll tell you what, we saved money.  We for sure saved money.


The Morris Family

The Morris Family shared a recent Monday dinner photo with us and said they have rediscovered Village Social after the Climate Action Summit, enjoying the veggie burger there. Below, mushroom and onion pizza and arugula salad.

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