Delicious Gardens – now closed


Aquaponic garden/fish tank

Delicious Gardens, a hydroponic and organic garden supply specialty store located on Bypass Road in Bedford Hills, has everything you need to grow your own food… year round!

If you have not already been by, we highly recommend stopping in to check out all the space age hydroponic equipment, meet their fish Pablo Picasso in his aquaponic fish tank, and see all the lovely plants co-owners Tom Myers and Indira Fermin have grown indoors and started from seed. It’s really unique!

delicious gardens hydroponic

Rotating hydroponic tower

While Delicious Gardens also carries organic fertilizers and nutrients for outdoor growing, their specialty is indoor hydroponic gardening – meaning growing plants in water combined with nutrient solutions, without soil.

From simple pots and lights, to rotating towers of herbs, to large tents with climate control and timed lights (for starting a small farm in your basement!), Delicious Gardens can help indoor growers, regardless of how much experience or space they have, and support them throughout the year.

IMG_0272 (1)

Hydroponic cloning from cuttings

Delicious Gardens now offers gardening coaching services and have a variety of first-time growing kits if you want to get started indoors before your outdoor fall harvest is long gone. In fact, Indira urges, “Now is the time to save seeds from your summer treasures and get your personal indoor produce section started at home.”

Andrew Frishman, a local veterinarian who raises butterflies, went to Delicious Gardens because the host plant for butterflies has been disappearing in nature. Tom taught Andrew to clone and grow Milkweed for his butterflies. Now Andrew uses a couple of indoor hydroponic gardening systems to grow the plants that his butterflies consume.

Andrew, praises Delicious Gardens: “They are such a valuable resource in our community. Everything from the fertilizer to the soil they use is top quality.  Their prices are reasonable and their knowledge is invaluable. Delicious Garden’s help has made me an overall better gardener and better butterfly breeder!”

Tom and Indira are truly passionate about growing food for healthy living, declaring their mission, “From a seed to your plate…harvest year-round.”