Plug In To Electrification

Jessica Azulay, Program Director at Alliance For a Green Economy (AGREE) joined us to discuss how we can move towards being fossil-fuel free — we need to electrify everything! Her discussion took a sobering look at how much energy is wasted and what we can do to take advantage of the renewable resources coming online through electric heating and cooling options and electric vehicles.

Two-thirds of energy is wasted:

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Energy 101: A Guide to New York’s Energy System

Do you know what you’re paying for when you pay for energy? Do you know why our energy costs so high, and why isn’t it easier to get renewable energy?

This interactive workshop explains New York’s energy system through a reading of your energy bill. Participants will learn how energy is generated in New York, how energy gets to our houses, who makes decisions over prices, who controls where our energy comes from, who owns and profits from the system, and how we can work individually and collectively to take power over our energy. This is a great 101 for anyone interested in learning more about their energy bill and their renewable energy options, and it’s also a primer for climate change activists and energy affordability advocates who want to understand how the energy system works and who to target to get what we want.

This training has been developed by the New York Energy Democracy Alliance and will be presented by the AGREE, the Alliance for a Green Economy

Reduce Your Home’s Carbon Footprint and Save Money & Energy with Energy Efficiency and Heat Pumps

  • Learn about affordable energy efficiency upgrades like insulation and air-sealing to stop winter-time drafts (there’s no need to heat the outdoors!)
  • Explore how air source and geothermal heat pumps are smart and healthy options that can bring many benefits to your home
  • Find out how you can heat and cool your home without fossil fuels
  • Gain easy and affordable summertime AC without lugging a heavy window unit
  • Improve your indoor air quality 
  • Work through NYSERDA and Sustainable Westchester vetted contractor list 

To enroll or learn more about HeatSmart Westchester, contact Lauren at Sustainable Westchester (914) 242-4725.