Energize Bedford

Making Homes More Comfortable & Efficient!

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The Energize program was introduced in 2011 with the mission of connecting homeowners in specially selected Westchester communities with available State incentives to assess home energy efficiency and, where indicated, to perform home energy improvements. Bedford was the first such Town to pilot an Energize program, and the success has been staggering.

Since the program’s launch, 128 Bedford homes have been “energized,” lowering energy costs, to say nothing of the fact that these homes are now far more comfortable to live in and creating far less impact on our environment.

Expanding elsewhere into northern Westchester after its successful Bedford launch, the Energize program has energized 600 homes. That translates into more than $1M a year in savings to homeowners, over $7M in direct economic activity and close to 90 local jobs. Annual greenhouse gas emission reductions are the equivalent of permanently removing 226 cars from local roads.

If you would like to join your neighbors in the movement toward creating energy efficient homes, get started by signing up for a home energy assessment, online at Energize Bedford or call 914-302-7300.

energizeBlog-buttonAlso, be sure to follow along with our homeowner as she chronicles the process of an Energize home energy audit and upgrade, at our Energize Homeowner Blog.