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Join your Bedford neighbors as they navigate making their homes more energy efficient through the Energize Bedford program. Follow along each step of the way from the application process to their home energy assessment and more. Check in for regular updates.

Now Our Neighbors Have Energize Envy

After reviewing our Home Energy Assessment report with our contractor, we decided to go with three out of four of their recommendations to make our house more energy efficient. The night before the work was scheduled to begin, we were emptying our attic in preparation for the new and improved spray foam encapsulation (sounds fancy!) We […]

Reckoning Day, or What We Didn’t Know About Our House

assessmentAfter a last ditch effort to hide my son’s scattered pile of Xbox games and my daughter’s extensive nail polish collection, I brewed a pot of coffee and braced myself for the arrival of my energy contractor. Mind you, my husband and I were fairly secure about our status of handy old house owners/roll up our sleeves do-it-your-selfers, so we were pretty confident that there wasn’t anything they could tell us about our house that we didn’t already know. Needless to say five minutes into our assessment they had pointed out that we had installed the insulation in our garage ceiling upside down. Our confident demeanor vanished and we were quickly humbled. That coupled with the new knowledge that our 10-year-old addition actually leaked more heat than the 90-year-old original part of our house left us floored.

Just as an aside, there is nothing better than having another man tell your husband that “your wife is right.” I had been after my husband for years to move our old paint cans away from their storage spot on a shelf next to the oil burner so I could barely contain myself when the contractor pointed out that where the paint cans located were a safety hazard and should be moved. Hah! I’ll be holding that over his head for a long time to come….

infraredBack to the assessment — it turns out that recessed lights are the spawns of the energy devil! We learned this when our contractor pointed his handy dandy infrared camera at our bedroom ceiling and showed us the black hole of heat loss that every canned light created. Not to mention the cold spots in our bedroom floor courtesy of the recess lighting in our porch ceiling where my daughter’s bedroom and ours overhung. No wonder we were always freezing in our “new and insulated” second floor addition. We also could see the heat loss coming through the interior walls of our house, yes that’s right, the interior walls. Turns out outside cold from the attic (remember it’s only 10 years old, insulated to code with traditional fiberglass insulation) can actually leak through the interior walls into your house. Who knew? We had barely picked our jaws up off the floor when they begun the blower test that would really blow our minds and make us feel like we had basically might as well been living in a tent. Stay tuned for part two when we find out how leaky our house really it is and what we can do about it.

My Free Assessment was Approved!

And just like that, I’ve got the ball rolling ….. Wow! Less than 24 hours after applying for my home energy assessment, I received my Home Performance with Energy Star Residential Energy Audit Approval Reward letter (Phew! Say that three times fast!). The good news is that I qualify for a FREE assessment so there’s […]

One Katonah resident stops making excuses and starts her energy assessment

I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and schedule an energy assessment with Energize Bedford. I’ve used every excuse in the book to put it off: “I just have to clean out the attic first,” and “I wouldn’t know where to begin.” … more >