Faculty Mentors

All student teams must work with an faculty advisor at their school as they develop their projects.  The faculty mentor will offer guidance, feedback, help with communication between students and Bedford 2020, and remind students about resources, goals and deadlines.

Faculty mentors for finalist teams are encouraged to attend the Finals in the spring.  We greatly appreciate faculty mentors and want to recognize you at the Finals!

Bedford 2020 will offer support to students throughout the contest

We hope faculty mentors will encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities.

  • Ideas, Inspiration and Questions Answered. At the kickoff meetings Bedford 2020 staff and volunteers are there to help students brainstorm ideas for projects.
  • Expert Advice and Resources. Teams refine project ideas with the help of community “experts” at the Incubator workshop.  Information will also be presented about behavior change, how to put together a budget, and what is required for the Round 1 proposal and presentation.
  • How to Score Well. Encourage students to use the Round 1 SCORE-IT worksheet like a rubric when preparing their written proposal. The judges are asked to review proposals prior to the presentations (but students should prepare the oral presentation as if the judges have not read the written proposal).
  • How to Present Well.  At Round 1, students will have 3 minutes to present and 2 minutes to answer questions. Students are encouraged to practice their oral presentations with a faculty member and again, use the SCORE-IT like a rubric.
  • Public Speaking Experience and Feedback. All student participants will watch the Round 1 presentations and are encouraged to bring family, friends, and faculty mentors.
  • Finalist Support and Feedback. Finalists will receive funding approvals and get feedback from the Round 1 event. There will be another opportunity to meet with community experts to learn more about data collection methods and receive help on their specific project. Students will earn a point towards the final event for attending this workshop.
  • Mid-Way Check-In. Short Update will be due in early February and is a “check in” that milestones are being completed and to see if finalists need further support from community experts. Students will earn a point towards the final event for completing this form on time.
  • Get Funded. Purchase orders must be filled out and submitted to be reimbursed for approved expenses.  Students will earn a point for using their budget and other resources effectively.
  • Final Report and Power Point Presentations. Students will earn one point towards their final score for on-time submission of the final report and presentation.
  • Finals – Everyone is a Winner. Students will be presented with certificates from the County and are strongly encouraged to bring friends and family to this fun event. We encourage faculty mentors to also attend.  Students will earn one point for practicing their presentation with a faculty member (and having the faculty member email us that they did this) prior to the Finals. Students and faculty mentors are asked to come up on stage at the end of the event for photos and a short reception with the judges.

Resources for Greenlight Competitors

In addition to the many opportunities for feedback and help above, the Greenlight Award Toolkit has forms, inspiration and resources for participants. We also have set up Group Me app group chats for students to get reminders from us. Click here to sign up for one.

Forms for Greenlight Competitors

Intent to Participate Form: Here

All teams must fill out this form with a general outline of their project in order to be entered into the competition.

Project Proposal Form: Here

Your students should use these questions on this form as a guide to formulate and design their proposal.

Scoring Rubric: Here

Teams should look over this rubric closely as they create their Round One and Final Presentations.


Faculty mentors are encouraged to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.