Food and Agriculture

Food Forum, March 4, 2017
A day of celebration and exploration of local food’s many benefits and action around supporting our farmers, our food system, and initiatives that increase food access for all.
vegout-300 VegOut!
For healthy, sustainable food, you needn’t go much further than your community or your own backyard. Veg Out! is our one-stop hub for all things local food. LOCAL FOOD MAP
localfood-300 Local Food Project
Building an economically viable, high-quality, locally-sourced food system for institutional buyers. This system is designed to be reliable, resilient, responsive, and replicable.
compost-300 Get The Dirt On Compost
Learn about composting styles and see leaf mulching demonstrated at local homes, farms and schools.
Meatless Mondays Meatless Mondays
Join the 12-week, community-wide campaign to reduce your carbon foodprint by giving up meat one day a week. Click here to learn more and take the pledge.

Food and agriculture are important to the vitality of the Bedford community. By choosing to eat locally, we can enhance the quality of the food supply, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, bolster the town’s economy and help preserve Bedford’s agricultural land. The Food and Agriculture Task Force is working to help strengthen the local food system and increase community awareness of and access to locally produced food. The current focus of the Task Force is directed to the following four areas: education, sourcing, networking and information, and public policy and advocacy.

The process will include the following steps:

  • Increase awareness of local agricultural efforts in the community, including creation of viable food shed
  • Increase awareness of farmer’s markets and other sources of local food, including CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture), retail markets, farm stands, etc.
  • Educate the community on the skills and resources needed to grow fruits and vegetables in home, community and school gardens
  • Support legislative initiatives to protect agricultural land and promote farming
  • Support efforts to make local food affordable and available to community feeding programs, schools and hospitals
Olivia Farr Olivia Farr (Co-Chair)
Senior Vice-President and Co-Founder, Bedford 2020
Karen Hiniker Simons (Co-Chair)
Principal, Hudson Varick Resources
Mimi Edelman Mimi Edelman
I & Me Farm
Annie Farrell Annie Farrell
Master Farmer, Millstone Farm
Alexandra Forrester Alexandra Forrester
School Gardens, Bedford Central School District
 Margaret Gifford
Founder, Watervine Impact
Suzi Novak
InterGenerate and UUFNW Green Team
 alt= Stephanie Kupferman
Environmental Attorney
Mimi Lines Mimi Lines
Bedford Garden Club, Landscape Designer
Vicki Marwell Vicki Marwell
Hopp Ground Garden Club
Anita Stockbridge Anita Stockbridge
Bedford Garden Club
Jim Wood Jim Wood
President, Bedford Farmers Club