Food Scrap Recycling

Reducing food waste cuts down carbon emissions, protects natural resources, and is good for us!

You can reduce food waste through smarter buying, cooking and eating, sharing excess food, and recycling food scraps by composting them.

Check out to reduce food waste before it hits the compost pile.

Recycled food scraps become compost and compost helps farmers grow food. 

3 Ways to Recycle Food Scraps into Compost in Bedford:

Backyard Compost

Install a compost bin or pile in your backyard (no meat or oils). Add food scraps, leaves and grass clippings, mix regularly, and after a while you will have rich compost to put on your flower beds and vegetable garden. More info.

Community Compost Drop-off Program

Store food scraps in a locking bin and drop them off for no charge at the Recycling Center (343 Railroad Ave, Bedford Hills) which is open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 8am-3pm. More info.

Curbside Compost Pick-up Program

Store food scraps in a locking bin and have a hauler pick them up from your curb weekly.  To learn more, or to participate in a town-wide, 1/2 price, 1-year pilot for this service: More info.

Watch our video about the 3 ways to compost in Bedford