Free Mulch and Compost Available to Town of Bedford Residents

Mulch and compost are free to Town of Bedford residents

Mulch and compost are free to Town of Bedford residents

The Beaver Dam facility, 115 Beaver Dam Rd, Katonah, NY 10536, processes all of the leaves and wood waste that the Town of Bedford collects, both from residents and from town properties.  (If you ever wondered what happens to the leaves and bags of yard waste that residents leave out on the curb, this is where they end up.)

Residents can also bring their yard waste right to the facility, provided that logs are no larger than 6″ in diameter.

This yard waste is turned into mulch and compost, available for free to town residents, completing the cycle.

The mulch bib

The mulch bin

One great benefit of using mulch from the Beaver Dam facility is that it is local, so less fossil fuel is used compared to hauling in mulch from far away.

The facility is operated by Westwood Organic and is open M-F from 7:30-3:15. It is located at 115 Beaver Dam Rd, Katonah, NY 10536.


The facility

The facility



Take a Trip to the Westwood Facility:

Turn north onto Beaver Dam Road from Harris Road.   Keep right at the signs for Westwood Organic Recycling and the Beaver Dam Canine Commons Area.

Following the turn off, you’ll come to a split in the road. ¬†Stay right to reach Westwood.

On the right, there are two bins for helping yourself to mulch and compost and a third bin for dropping of yard waste (brush, leaves, branches and logs up to 6″ diameter).

Shoveling the mulch

Shoveling the mulch

The bins are regularly replenished with mulch and compost.  I went on the Friday afternoon before Memorial Day weekend, and the mulch bin was almost empty.  The following week, the bin had plenty of mulch.

Bring your own shovel and some containers or a tarp for your car, and help yourself to the mulch.

I brought some empty garbage bags to carry the mulch home.

Note:  Trucks larger than pickup trucks are not permitted.

Click here for more information about the facility from the Town of Bedford.

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