Faculty Information

Students meeting with faculty and community experts to develop project proposals.

About Greenlight

We are looking for students who want to make a difference by changing behavior in their community to improve the environment.  There are many ways to tackle environmental problems and we need many solutions to drive change. We hope students and faculty from all subject areas will get involved.

Who should participate?

Students who care about the planet, want to make a difference, and want to experience leadership, teamwork, public speaking, and drive to create something to use in a real-world experience. These are key skills to learn, apply, and add to a college application.

Students designed anti-idling signs and ran awareness and incentive campaign at Horace Greeley High School.


Choose any behavior people aren’t already doing – composting, taking the bus, turning off lights, choosing electric vehicles, and then do or invent something to get people to act that way. Students may develop any project to create awareness, inspire, or otherwise cause change and demonstrate how this project changes behavior at the Solutions Expo in April.

  • Policy/Government – drive change with a new rule
  • Marketing/Film/Art/Photography — inspire change with a message
  • Science/Tech/Entrepreneurship – help people change with an invention/solution
  • Writing/Tech – instruct and make it easier to change with resources or events
  • Marketing – promote change or promote a product that causes change
  • Activism – drive change through grassroots organizing

Bedford 2020 encourages teamwork and multi-disciplinary approaches to tackle problems in our community. We offer resources on our website, at workshops, and in the way of funding, community expert mentors, and public relations outreach. To see more resources for students, please visit the Greenlight Toolkit.

Please Promote Greenlight

Please announce this opportunity to your classes.

If you know of students who would be interested in or would benefit from this program, please encourage them to check out the website and sign up online to participate.

  • Click here for a flyer to share with students.
  • Click here for the 2018-2019 Kickoff Presentation (4.5 minutes) to show to your classes. (if Vimeo is blocked by your school firewall, try this version). 
  • Click here for the faculty packet. This contains a flyer, 1/2 page handout, sample proposal form, and info about being a faculty advisor.

If you have been asked  to be a faculty advisor, click here for more information.

Please contact us with any questions.