Greenlight Award™ Faculty Info

Students meeting with faculty and community experts to develop project proposals.

About the Greenlight Award™

The Bedford 2020 Greenlight Award challenges high school students to find a behavior change solution to an environmental problem and develop a project that catalyzes that change. Students enter the contest with an Advocacy or Innovation project. We hope students and faculty from all subject areas will get involved!

Who should participate?

High school students (ideally grades 9-11) and student clubs or classes looking for school-year-long project. The program enables problem-based learning, project execution, real-world application and evaluation. These are key experiences to add to a college application and also create resilient leaders.

What does it involve?

Friendly competition inspires students to get involved with the allure of the Greenlight Award and up to a $1,000 cash prize for the most impactful projects.

Students designed anti-idling signs and ran awareness and incentive campaign at Horace Greeley High School.

  • Students participate for an average of 1-2 hours per week between November and April.
  • Bedford 2020 provides a timeline, kickoff information and resources, feedback and two exciting competition events.
  • Faculty advisors help facilitate communication as needed with Bedford 2020, review student submissions, and are encouraged to attend the two major events.

Please visit the Greenlight Toolkit for more information about the contest.

Introduce the Greenlight Award to your students!

If you know of students who would benefit from this program, please encourage them to check out the website and sign up online to participate.

  • Click here for the Kickoff Presentation (7 minutes) to show to your classes and at club meetings. (or try this version).
  • Click here for a Google Drive packet of materials to accompany the kickoff presentation, including: a flyer, a handout, guiding questions to get students brainstorming, sample proposal form and poster requirements, something to post on social media, and info about being a faculty advisor.
  • Encourage students to sign up online and we will send them more resources and information.

Please contact us with any questions.

Greenlight Award Winners with their Faculty Advisor