Greenlight Competition Intent to Participate Form

greenlight-award-logo-312Congratulations, you are about to become part of something amazing!

To be a part of the Greenlight Award Competition, submit this form before October 27th.

This form indicates that the student or team of students named on the form have enlisted a faculty advisor and have begun developing ideas to improve into a project proposal.

Sign up here for updates. We will let you know about the mandatory Incubator Workshop where we will invite community experts to help you with your proposals, review the requirements for the Project Proposal Form, and help you prepare for the Round 1 expo and presentations in December.

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We look forward to hearing more about your project in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Bedford 2020.

Greenlight Award Intent to Participate 2017-2018

Greenlight Award Intent to Participate 2017-2018

The Changemaker 2020 competition is on! We are looking forward to hearing your big green ideas. Please sign up here to participate, and we will be sure to keep you in the loop about upcoming meetings, new materials and to help if you need it. Questions? Email:

You can always update this as you develop your idea further, but let us know how we should refer to your project.
You should address an environmental issue within this community.
Your idea could include scientific or technological solutions, education/awareness (through art, persuasion, film, etc), policy and influence, research and reporting, grassroots action, or a combination of any of these (or others).
a. Your idea should be realistic to implement within your school, neighborhood, congregation or among local businesses or other aspects of the community. Your reach may change as you begin to research the scale and feasibility of your project.
At least one student on your team should provide an additional email address because the school email systems often reject our Bedford 2020 emails and we want to make sure your team stays in the loop. Thank you.