2020 Greenlight Finals Info

Big green ideas will be celebrated at the Finals
Sunday, April 19th – via Zoom!

In this challenging time where no one can meet in person or go to school, we understand that many of the Greenlight Award projects have come to a screeching halt. However, we still want to hear from our teams to see what they had planned and to see if they were able to move their project forward before or during this crisis.


Finalists will present the results of their Greenlight Award projects before panels of judges on the morning of Sunday, April 19 via Zoom. All participants and the public are invited to participate in the virtual event.

Presentations will be 3 to 5 minutes long and Judges have 5-10 minutes to ask questions. Judges will use the Finals Score Sheet to score the projects.

Since the finals will be held via Zoom, there will only be one round of scoring. The highest scoring teams win cash prizes and others will receive special recognition for specific efforts.. Winners and honorable mention categories will be announced during the week after the final evaluations are completed.

Finalists, please fill out the final update form online and upload all presentation materials to this Dropbox folder and remember to name your files using your team name.


April 3 Submit project photos via email
April 8 Final Report
April 10 Submit slide presentation
April 15Have an adult email us to verify they gave your team
feedback on your presentation
April 15Submit video presentation (use Screencastify.com)
April 16Submit project flyer (click here for examples)
TBDSign up for time slot for April 19 Finals (link coming soon)
April 19Zoom Finals (link and instructions coming soon)


This online report is similar to the project proposal and mid-way reports that you have already done. Click here to access the online form and submit by April 8th.


Please create a 3 to 5 minute slide presentation using Power Point, Google Slides, Prezi (or other) to showcase your project and submit it by April 10 to the Dropbox folder. Then make a video of your team presenting the slideshow using the website Screencastify.com (more about this below).

Include information the judges will need to give you a score on the Finals Score Sheet (use this as you would a rubric at school) and put your project into context so people who don’t know anything about it will understand it.

  1. What is the environmental problem you addressed?
  2. To address this problem, what behavior did you set out to change? What invention/innovation did you create to bring about a change?Among whom?
  3. What were your goals?
  4. What are your results?
  5. How did you achieve this? Explain your strategy and your tactics or tools you used or created to carry this out.
  6. Be sure to demonstrate at least one tactic or tool that you used that was unique and that might possibly be replicated, adopted, or continue to be used, or that brought attention to your project in a unique way. 
  7. How did you use your budget and available resources?
  8. Evaluate the overall short-term and potential long-term impact of your project. Make an argument why your idea could make a real difference.


  • Keep slides simple, not too many words. Not everything you say when you present should be included on the actual slide.
  • If you created materials for your project, show photos of the materials, events, and activities. If the materials you created include a video, you may show it as a part of your presentation to the judges on Zoom.
  • Your slide presentation can be no longer than 5 minutes. 
  • Practice before someone who evaluates your presentation using the Final Score Sheet to make sure you address all criteria.
  • A strong presentation will quantify results and activities. Include number of people who changed behavior or any data you collected testing your invention; you could also cite number of articles you got in school newsletter, number of people who attended an event or joined your coalition, number of social media posts, shares and likes, etc.
  • Remember you can get an extra point for showing your presentation to an adult, getting feedback. We recommend you set up to FaceTime with your advisor or other faculty member to do this. Ask the person to email ellen.calves@bedford2020 by April 15 to acknowledge that they heard/saw your presentation and gave you feedback. If you cannot find someone to do this, let us know and we can provide a volunteer.
  • When submitting your slide presentation please name it using this format: Team Name_Slides


Please create a video recording of your final presentation using the website Screencastify and submit it via Dropbox by April 15. Please try to keep it between 3 and 5 minutes. The judges will watch your video prior to asking you questions at the finals.


  • Use the free version of Screencastify to create your video.
  • The record option allows you to use your webcam and microphone to record. It can also capture things in a website tab and on the whole screen in addition to the webcam.
  • The edit tool allows you to merge videos together, in case you have a video you want to include in your presentation. You are able to cut, rearrange, delete and crop clips through this tool. The option to overlay text also exists.
  • Recordings are saved to your Google drive for easy submission.
  • You can record up to a 5 minute video using Screencastify. 
  • When submitting your video to Dropbox, please label the file name using the following format: Team Name_Video Presentation


Please create a PDF of a project flyer to convince the judges that your project is a great solution to the environmental problems that we face. Submit a pdf via Dropbox by April 16. Include:

  1. Highlight what you created
  2. The actual results of your project
  3. The potential impact of your project


  • Include photos of your team working on your project, at an event, or of your project in action.
  • Canva.com or other software is helpful and templates are available.
  • See the Former Greenlight Projects to see examples of past project flyers.
  • Please submit your flyer as a PDF and name it using this format: Team Name_Flyer

We look forward to seeing you on Zoom on April 19th. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!