Greenlight Resources

Click on the Summary of the Competition in the Toolkit for details about this year’s competition – the Summary will be updated with dates and information for this year’s contest as they come available.

Behaviors to Change

Eco Behaviors to change – from Shine by Joulebug (an app that tracks behavior change)

50 ways to make your life more environmentally friendly from Biofriendly Planet

17 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Save the Planet, BuzzFeed

40 Unexpected Ways to Help the Environment by Greatist

10 Campaigns Helping to Save the Planet by Greatist

Young Voices for the Planet

or check out the Town of Bedford Climate Action Plan and the for Westchester County Climate Action Plan for changes that have been identified as important by our communities.

Behavior Change Information

Ted Talk by Jeni Cross at TEDxCSU “Three Myths of Behavior Change”

Promoting Sustainable Behavior – What it takes to make people change their habits

Article about Community Based Social Marketing and use of behavior change “tools”  

Green Behavior, Sustainable Design

Biggest Mistakes: behavior change strategies

The HOOK model of behavior change – how Fortnight used it effectively!

Changemaker Apps

Tracking behavior might take some creative solutions. Try apps! Lots of apps out there let people report back on what they are doing – use them to help you track their behavior as well as reminding them to participate in the behavior change you advocate.

Track behavior change:

Habit Share – can set up reminders, track habits, and share with friends (great way to have people share their habit tracking with you! and possibly be accountable to a group). – set up your own private group for people to join to track their habits. Shows a visual chain that you keep going by tracking daily activity.

Food Stand – App to track healthy eating habits with group

Joule Bug – Sustainability activity tracker that you can share with friends. GREAT behavior change suggestions here.

Survey Monkey – survey your group to find out how they are doing.

Google Drive – ask people to check in and record behavior on a master sheet or with a Google Form

Sample Projects (…and ideas you can USE)

Click here for some sample Changemaker 2020 projects.

Anti-idling: Turn It Off

Anti-Plastic Drinking Straws: Do You Really Need a Straw , Stop SuckingOne Less Straw

Energy Efficiency in Schools:  Alliance to Save Energy
Meatless Monday: Free Resources
Many Bedford 2020 projects seek to cause behavior change and we would be happy to share existing materials with you if your project deals with similar topics or seeks to augment one of our projects!

Sample Budget

Click here for information on creating your proposed budget

Stakeholder Outreach

Before you write a proposal that depends on getting someone else on board, meet with them right away and make sure your project will work if it involves them! Who’s Got The Power

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