Student Greenlight Resources

This page contains links to helpful resources for students interested in participating in the 2020-2021 Greenlight Award.

For details about this year’s competition, visit the Summary of the Competition under the Greenlight Toolkit. The Summary will be updated with dates and information for the contest as they come available.

Brainstorming Environmental Behavior Change Ideas

Environmental Solutions from Project Drawdown. Though this organization researches global environmental solutions, many of the solutions found on this site can be scaled down to the local level!

50 ways to make your life more environmentally friendly from Biofriendly Planet Magazine. This article details a list of ways in which you can create environmental change by changing personal habits.

40 Unexpected Ways You Can Help the Environment Right Now from This article categorizes and lists environmental behaviors that should be changed and provides small, concrete ways this can be accomplished.

Young Voices for the Planet Films. “The Young Voices for the Planet short films feature youth speaking out, creating solutions, changing laws, changing minds and changing society as they reduce the carbon footprint of their homes, schools and communities.” Visit this page to see how other students are creating environmental behavior change in their communities.

Information on Behavior Change

Choose a behavior change strategy that works. Most people don’t change behavior because you tell them it is better for them. Here are some great 45-second videos explaining some behavior change strategies.

Most people change behavior for one of these reasons:

Emotional Appeals – we feel good when we do things we feel proud of

Social Incentives – we are influenced by our social environment

Choice Architecture – the way in which we are given options matters

“Three Myths of Behavior Change” is a Ted Talk by Jeni Cross at TEDxCSU. She discusses common myths about creating behavior change and ways you can effectively engage the audience you are trying to reach.

Tracking Behavior Change

A great way to track behavior change is through an application or website service. Many apps and services let people report back on what they are doing– use these to help you track behavior and remind your participants to engage in the behavior change you’re advocating for.

Click here for a brainstorm of potential project ideas and ways you could evaluate impact or potential impact in each scenario. These are just some ideas. You may have more!

Habit Share. This app is a great tool for tracking the habits of your participants– it lets you set up reminders, track habits, and share your actions with your friends.

Food Stand. This app lets you track healthy eating habits with a group.

Joule Bug. This is a sustainable activity tracking app that you can share with friends. It includes great behavior change suggestions.

Survey Monkey. This is a survey software that lets you see how your participants are doing.

Google Drive. This is a site you can use to create a master sheet or Google form for participants to check in and record their behavior.

Project Inspiration

Drawdown Projects happening around the world

Anti-idling Campaign Turn It Off

Anti-Plastic Drinking Straws Campaigns Do You Really Need a Straw and One Less Straw

School Energy Efficiency Campaign Alliance to Save Energy

Meatless Monday Resources

In addition, many Bedford 2020 projects seek to cause behavior change. We would be happy to share existing materials with you if your project deals with similar topics or seeks to augment one of our projects!

Sample Trifold Poster for Proposal Showcase

Click here to see a proposal poster outline, and click here to see a sample proposal poster.

Sample Budget

Click here for information on creating your proposed budget.

Stakeholder Outreach

Before you write a proposal that depends on getting someone else on board, meet with them right away and make sure your project will work if it involves them! Check out Who’s Got The Power for suggestions on who to contact.

What’s Next? Grants and Awards Beyond Greenlight

Click here for a list or apply for a President’s Environmental Youth Award (or just check out past projects for ideas)