What is a Healthy Yard?

Having a healthy yard is a great way to protect our water and land resources. Incorporating these simple practices at home will help make a difference in our community… one healthy yard at a time!¬†

If you see this sign,
it is in a Healthy Yard!

A healthy yard is one that is non-toxic for people, pets, and pollinators.

A healthy yard does not contain chemical fertilizers or pesticides that pollute our drinking water in reservoirs, wells and groundwater.

A healthy yard has topsoil that is not blown into the air by leaf blowers, depleting it of healthy microbes and natural compostable material.

A healthy yard is one that does not pollute the air with gas powered leaf blowers.

A healthy yard is not stressed by chemical applications, but may be enriched with mulched leaves.

If you would like a butterfly sign for your Healthy Yard,
Click here or come by the Bedford 2020 office and ask for one.
(located through the back door of St. Luke’s Parish House in Katonah)

For more information about caring for Healthy Yards, we have great resources on this site!

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