Hilltop Hanover Farm

HilltopHanover_optRight in Bedford’s back yard sits a gorgeous working farm and agricultural center, open to the public for hiking and picnicking, offering classes and seminars, and featuring amazing produce through its CSA shares, farm stand market, and U-pick hours. No, we’re not talking about that place in Pocantico Hills (though that’s a mighty nice farm, too) — we’re talking about Hilltop Hanover Farm, just 10 minutes to the west in Yorktown Heights.

Once a dairy farm that can date itself back to the 17th century, Hilltop Hanover is now a hub of activity devoted to serving as a sustainable food producer and a training center for small-scale farmers and aspirants.

Beyond that, Hilltop models all sorts of sustainable activity and learning, including rainwater harvesting and green-roof technology.

If that makes Hilltop Hanover sound like a serious place, sort of like an outdoor library, push that notion aside. The farm is bursting with fun and activity and, on any given day, it’s a riot of noisy animals and people playing around and enjoying the bucolic idyll. In the next week alone, you can browse the farm, meet the animals, take a cheese-making class, learn canning techniques, work with wool, and even join a couples cooking class.

For these events and plenty more information, visit Hilltop Hanover Farm’s website. Better yet, just pop over to see it for yourself. The farm is open from 10am to 4pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays.

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PS: If you go over to Hilltop this week or next, you’ll probably find fennel at the farm stand — it’s featured in their CSA offering for the week. Check out our Cold Fennel Soup recipe here.