John Boy’s: The Outpost

the OutpostWe have seen John Ubaldo at the local farmers’ markets for years selling his fresh meats and produce from John Boy’s Farm up in Cambridge, NY. Incredible demand for his fresh, organic, non-gmo products recently led him to expand into retail, bringing Bedford John Boy’s: The Outpost.

According to John, “In only 1500 square feet you can shop for everything you need to feed yourself without having to read labels to make sure you aren’t buying something you don’t want to put in your body.” John boasts The Outpost is “the only 100% non-GMO store in the area,” and its products support his mission to encourage eating locally, seasonally, without chemicals, without genetically modified ingredients, and all from small farms and small businesses.

beef and green sauce outpostWe found an amazing selection of fruits and vegetables delivered from the farm, grass-fed meats, crazy grass-fed yogurt, cheese and butters, carefully selected organic or non-gmo packaged items, and tons of prepared foods. Amazing meals are cooked daily and brunch on the weekends.

John’s style is to prepare simple meals with the best ingredients, like garlic scape pesto pizza for lunch and short ribs with a balsamic bbq reduction for dinner. We tried the Huevos Rancheros, prepared with farm fresh eggs and fresh picked veggies. The entree was almost too colorful and beautiful to eat, but glad we did because it was delicious!

John Boy’s: The Outpost, 1 Court Road in Bedford Village

Open Tuesday – Saturday 8am-6pm and Sunday 8am-4pm.