Local Food Project

Building Locally-Sourced Food Systems!



The Northern Westchester Local Food Project is an outgrowth of the Bedford 2020 Coalition – a local grassroots organization formed to implement Bedford’s Climate Action Plan through activities such as local food procurement. The Coalition’s food and agriculture task force was assembled to promote local foods and local farms.

The Northern Westchester Local Food Project has been facilitated by Sustainable Food Systems, LLC and is successfully achieving its mission to build an economically viable, high-quality, locally-sourced food system for institutional buyers. This system is designed to be reliable, resilient, responsive, and replicable.

Since the program was launched in 2013, fourteen institutions, including schools and healthcare facilities in the Hudson Valley, have joined and locally sourced food has increased from $45,000 in 2013 to over $560,000 in 2015.

Learn more about our hyper-local farms with our Farm Map!