Meatless Monday Partner – Harvey School

The Harvey School officially signed on to be a partner of Meatless Mondays with Bedford 2020. This independent school, located in Katonah, has students who commute from the surrounding area, as well as some who live on campus. Their food service provider, Flik, provides 3 meals a day in the Harvey dining room.


Harvey School’s chef, Chef Lee, has provided a meatless entree at lunch on Mondays for students and faculty who want to participate in Meatless Mondays. Posters were hung, table tents set up, and many students, faculty, and administrators have been participating by going meatless in the dining hall on Mondays.  The communications director has also provided a link to the Meatless Monday with Bedford 2020 pledge on the Harvey Facebook page and in a weekly newsletter, encouraging our constituents to sign on.


According to science teacher Marcie Hajem, “Students in my class are challenging their own families to try the Meatless Monday campaign and have signed up on the website.  The website provides all kinds of information, including recipes.  My biology class is going to be talking to their families about this and to see if they have any family favorite recipes they would like to share with Bedford 2020.”


Jack Anderson in the 10th grade shared, “I am going to try and have my family participate in meatless Mondays. I think it will be a challenge but I want to see if we can change our eating habits by having meatless Mondays, we will help save resources. ”


If you would like to try Chef Lee’s Revved Up Macaroni and Cheese click here for the recipe.