Meatless Monday Partner: Reading Room

An interview with Peter Menzies

A popular gourmet market and cafe in Katonah, the Reading Room provides a selection of books, freshly baked goods, prepared foods, and to health related products in a cozy environmental full of locals. For years, owner Peter Menzies has embraced meatless eating both at home and in store.

“My family and I have participated in Meatless Monday before–not perfectly, but we tried. The main reason we did it was environmental. I am astonished by the amount of resources a pound of beef sucks up—between the water and feed, it’s just an inefficient protein.”

While Reading Room serves some meat products, its most popular items are meatless.

“Our top 3 menu items are avocado toast, kale salad, and egg sandwiches. Avocado toast is by far our most popular product—it sells four times better than the kale salad. So it’s completely intentional the Reading Room menu has lots of meatless options–we know our audience, and people don’t want heavy meat-laden items,” Menzeis said.

Meatless options are likely so popular due to health, as well as environment concerns.

“The majority of our customers are health conscious; they care very much about what they eat. Some have dietary restrictions, but for the most part they’re looking for something that’s healthy and easy. People are also aware of the environmental impact of their food, and making conscious decisions to eat differently with the environment in mind.”

The Reading Room is located at 19 Edgemont Road in Katonah, and open from morning to late afternoon every day of the week. Stop by during the campaign and you can try the Bedford 2020 Kale Salad—a hearty salad with kale, vegetables, spiced nuts and parmesan!

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