Meatless Monday Partner – The Whitlock

Located conveniently across from the Katonah train station, The Whitlock serves up several outstanding vegetarian options with a friendly and casual “farmhouse” feel. While they are not open on Mondays, they have partnered with Bedford 2020’s Meatless Mondays to help ¬†inspire plant-based eating any day of the week.

Christina and Matt Safarowic opened the Whitlock in the fall of 2017 with a dedication to creating a “hyper-local and authentic experience” in the heart of the Katonah. ¬†Their dishes they serve include “locally sourced, seasonal, fresh ingredients focused on the flavor and simple presentation.” ¬†They demonstrate their commitment to sustainably sourced food by purchasing produce and meats from local producers: Abma Farms, Blooming Hill Farm, CM Meats and Meadowland Farm.

On their menu, you will find a gnocchi with pesto and pistachios, a hearty veggie burger, and a selection of vegetarian appetizers like the roasted artichoke dip and the Willy Nick’s fried green beans. They have shared their veggie¬†burger recipe for this week’s Meatless Monday newsletter.

The Meatless Monday Pledge asks people to give up eating meat one day a week Рany day of the week that you would normally  eat meat. So, remember to mention Meatless Monday when you order vegetarian options at our partner restaurants on other days of the week, too!

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