What do we mean by meatless?

Participants will choose to remove beef, poultry, fish or other animals one day a week. We’re not including animal by-products in this campaign — cheese, eggs, milk and dairy are not part of the pledge.

What if I am already a vegetarian?

You already have an impact on our Climate Action goals! If you prepare food/meals for others who agree to participate, please sign up and let us know how it is going for them.

Are there other reasons to go meatless?

Yes! There are many reasons to reduce your meat consumption! There are great health benefits to going meatless and going meatless can save you money. Many livestock operations pollute and waste great quantities of water and produce great amounts of carbon through raising, processing, and transporting meat. Bedford 2020 will track the impact of our collective Meatless Monday effort in reducing our community’s carbon footprint.

What if I slip and eat meat on Monday?

Not to worry. If you want to make it up another day of that week, we would still count it in our data.

Since locally-sourced meat leaves a much smaller carbon footprint, why not just encourage people to eat local?

Whenever possible, we encourage everyone to buy from our local meat farmers — and hope that meat-eaters will do so on the other six days of the week!  But many people are buying meat that is not responsibly raised; this campaign is designed to help people make a connection between what they eat and the impact on the environment.

What if I don’t live in Bedford?

We want as many people as possible to take the pledge and participate in this Meat-Free Monday effort! We will ask everyone who takes the pledge to let us know where they live so we can measure and report on both the wider community as well as the impact in our specific community (which will include towns in the Bedford Central and Katonah-Lewisboro school districts).

What do you mean meat is bad for the environment?

Industrial livestock production causes pollution through fossil fuel usage, animal methane, effluent waste, and land and water consumption. Bedford 2020 will track participation and estimate how much our community helps the environment during the campaign.