Moon Dance


Moon Dance Cocktail HourOver 300 guests came to the Bedford 2020 Moon Dance to celebrate and honor environmental heroes and long-time Bedford 2020 supporters, Jim Wood and Jayni and Chevy Chase. This unique carbon-neutral event inspired and delighted guests with foraged woodland floral arrangements, upcycled vintage cloth cocktail napkins, fabulous local food and beverages, a DJ for dancing in the barn, and a gorgeous full moon.

Please watch our Program Video and Digital Ad Journal below. Photos coming soon.

Thank you to everyone who made this special night possible including our host committee, volunteers, patrons, and sponsors.

Digital Ad Journal

Instead of a paper journal, we created a digital version to avoid using all that paper and ink! Please watch and enjoy all the great tributes and love notes from friends and neighboring businesses.

Thank you Sponsors and Partners

Host Committee

Co-Chairs: Sarah Douglis & Olivia Farr
Donna Dixon and Dan Aykroyd
Sonia Bain
George Bianco
Kevin Brenner
Ellen Calves
Kirtley Cameron
Alexandra Cart
Jayni Chase
Glenn Close
Liza Clymer
Paulette Cole
Ellen Conrad
Mary Farley
John Farr
Emily and Murray Fisher
Christina and Willie Geist
Jennifer Grossman
Martha and Richard Handler
Janet Harckham
Midge Iorio
Mary Beth Kass
Andy King
Mimi Lines
Loriann and Tim Low
Hope Mazzola
Vickie Morris
Karie Nero
Caroline Niemczyk
Veronique Pittman
Jason Provost
Megan Smith Ray
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Allison and Peter Rockefeller
Lee Roberts
Catherine and Paul Shaffer
Martha Stewart
Anita Stockbridge
Celia Szava and JB Henderson
Melissa Vail and Norman Selby
Elisabeth Weed
Jim and Twink Wood
Deirdre Zahl


VIP Premier 

Vickie Morris
Karen and Bruce Sabath
Melissa Vail and Norman Selby


Alexandra Cart and Madeira Global
Kirtley Cameron
Ellen Conrad
Sarah Douglis and Marc Yaggi
Olivia and John Farr
Janet Harckham
Martha and Rich Handler
Loriann and Tim Low
Mary Adams Lines
William Raveis
Stewart Title
Elisabeth Weed


Robin Ashley and Martin Gubernick
Peter Canby and Anne Putnam
Leslie Cecil and Creighton Michael
Stacy Schiff and Marc de La Bruyère
Karen and Daniel Getz
Laura and Ben Harris
Heather and Tony Langham
Linda Mahon and Robert Saunders
Leslie and John Needham
Karie and Len Nero
Richard and June Ottinger
Jennifer Prosperino, Schulman Lobel, CPA’s and Advisors
Jonny & Beth Rothschild
Beth and Sam Sachs
Sara and Axel Schupf
Teresa and Leslie Scott
Karen and Mark Simons
Anita and John Stockbridge
Bonnie and Charles Tisi
Audrey and Richard Zinman