Join us for this 3-part virtual series as we explore ways that homeowners can make their homes more climate friendly and more comfortable. 

According to Bedford 2020’s recent greenhouse gas inventory, energy from buildings makes up 68% of the greenhouse gas emissions in our town. This series is designed to help homeowners learn about clean energy and energy-saving measures that will reduce their home’s carbon footprint while helping our entire community reach our climate action goals.

Local experts will share short presentations about these solutions, why they matter, and how you can get started – followed by Q&A from you, the participants!  Homeowners who have participated in these solutions will be on the line to take questions as well!


Monday, April 20th at 7:30 PM

Get Renewable Energy with Sustainable Westchester

Nina Orville, from Sustainable Westchester-Solarize and Dan Welsh, with Westchester Power, joined us to share how community members can get 100% green electricity with Westchester Power and subscribe to community solar with Solarize Westchester. With no money down, no construction hassle, and no obligation, you can save money and support renewable energy from wind, solar and hydro.

If you missed the Zoom call, you may watch the recording:

Visit Sustainable Westchester’s YouTube Channel for more content and discussions on clean energy, tutorials on How to Read Your Bill and more information on both programs discussed in the virtual workshop.

Learn more about savings and sign up for Community Solar

Learn more about your green power supply from Westchester Power


Monday, April 27th at 7:30 PM

Reduce Your Energy Demand with Healthy Home and Energize Bedford

Kevin Brenner, President of Healthy Home Energy & Consulting, and Lauren Brois from Sustainable Westchester joined us to show homeowners how to reduce energy demand and save significantly with proper insulation, air sealing/weatherization, and other energy saving devices. Interested homeowners should consider using a home performance expert to perform a thorough review. He was joined by homeowners who have been through an assessment and made energy efficiency improvements to their homes. Click here to learn more about getting a home energy assessment.

Monday, May 4th at 7:30 PM

Electrification Is the Key to Being Carbon Free

Renewable energy makes green and clean electricity, but most of us still burn oil or gas in our homes and drive gas-powered cars. To be fossil-fuel free, we need to electrify everything! Learn how to take advantage of the renewable resources coming online through electric heating and cooling options and electric vehicles. While we don’t make these purchases often, when we do, they are the most important decision we can make for the planet. Learn why and how. 


Host: Midge Iorio, Bedford 2020
Presenter: Jessica Azulay, Program Director, Alliance For a Green Economy (AGREE)