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We are focusing on the campus, the curriculum and the community!

Currently, Bedford 2020 is offering the Greenlight Award in area high schools which encourages students to come up with big green ideas to address our town’s climate action plan.  Students compete for funding to make a difference, and ultimately a cash prize. The Greenlight Award Student Advisory Board is made up of past participants.

Schools are not unlike entire towns in terms of our operations and use of resources. We have vehicles (buses, maintenance), use natural resources (water, energy, materials), produce waste (food, solid, and electronic), and impact land use (parking lots, fields, building footprints, etc.). Most importantly, though, our schools are about our children and our families. As learning organizations, schools have the special responsibility of reflecting community norms and values in what we teach and how we teach it. The Schools Task Force is committed to building our capacity to model best practices for the community, and engage students and families in new learning around the challenging issues we face.

Our goals on campus are:

  • Collaboration and Cost-sharing Partnerships: Share best practices for internal operations and examine cost sharing, pooling resources and collaborative purchasing to save money and purchase environmentally friendly products and services.
  • Participation in the Green Schools Coalition of Westchester: Task Force member schools are participating in the GSCW, a network of area public, private and parochial schools engaged in collaborative learning to “get the word out” about sustainability

Our goals in the curriculum are:

  • Sustainability in the classroom: Share strategies across schools for using green projects to teach concepts related to sustainability, and for incorporating sustainable practices in classrooms and schools through the study of authentic problems that we face.
  • Student Leadership: The Task Force will develop and engage local student leadership in the work of Bedford 2020 through internships and volunteer opportunities.

Our goal throughout the community is:

  • Communication and Promotion of Bedford 2020 Objectives: Educate and raise awareness about Bedford 2020’s goals and projects through student engagement, parent meetings, and community wide educational events that will promote Bedford 2020 projects.
Veronique Pittman Veronique Pittman
Green Schools Alliance, Leadership Council of Blue Sky Funders Forum, Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy
Jay Hill
Teacher, The Harvey School
Generic-Friend-60 Nick Gutfreund 
Rippowam-Cisqua School
Generic-Friend-60 Janet Harckham
Katonah Lewisboro School District Sustainability Committee and Director, Green Schools Coalition
Ryan Smith
Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement,
The Rippowam Cisqua School