Summary of Competition


  • Sept-Oct: watch Kickoff Presentation
  • Brainstorm and research with your team – come up with a few advocacy or innovation ideas
  • Oct: Attend an Ideation Session with community experts via Zoom
  • BY NOV. 1st: Register for the contest
  • Nov. 30: Project proposal form due
  • Dec. 5 Round One: Pitch your project idea to our judges and receive feedback
  • Dec-Jan: Receive feedback; Apply for funding; Decide if you will Greenlight your project
  • Jan-April: Develop project
  • Jan. Incubator Workshop with experts
  • Feb. Submit Mid-way report
  • April: Present at the Finals and compete for cash prizes and the Greenlight Award

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Greenlight Calendar 2020-2021 Breakdown

September – October

Sign up, get involved, and begin to work on your idea

  • Sign up to get more information
  • Attend a kickoff meeting near you (contact us to find out where)
  • Brainstorm ideas using guiding questions; tap community experts for advice.
  • Choose your topic and track — Advocate or Innovator.
  • Find a faculty advisor.
  • Fill out the Intent to Participate Form by late October so we know you are interested and we can better prepare to help you!
  • We will reach out to you with resources and more information.
  • Read our post about the project proposal process.
  • Meet with community advisors and stakeholders to assess feasibility of idea.
  • Work on your Project Proposal.

November – December

Pitch proposal. Get feedback and decide whether to Greenlight your project.

  • Fill out the online Project Proposal Form by late November.
  • Prepare a slide presentation for Zoom and a 5 minute pitch for the judges at the Round One Event in December.
  • Receive and evaluation score and feedback from our evaluators. 
  • Hear other students pitch their ideas.
  • Apply for seed funding if necessary to carry out your project.
  • Funding determinations announced in early January.
  • Decide if you want to Greenlight (move forward with) your project by early January.

January – March

Carry out your project and prepare for the Final Solutions Expo.

  • Develop your project as a Greenlight Finalist. Start here with tips for making a backwards plan.
  • Measure, project and evaluate the success and potential impact of your project. Take photos!
  • Work with stakeholders, community experts, advisors, partners and your team.
  • Submit a Midway Check-In Report in early February.
  • Prepare materials for the Finals including short presentation and a one-page flyer about your project.

Score Bonus Points Along the Way

Between the Proposal Showcase and the Finals, there will be opportunities for Finalists to use resources available to them and complete tasks on time for points toward the team’s final score.

To earn extra points:
  1. Complete the Midway Check-in Report by early February
  2. Email progress photos of your project in progress to Bedford 2030 by early April
  3. Submit your Final Project Report by early April
  4. Create a Google Slides or Power Point Presentation and submit here* by early April
  5. Practice your final presentation with a faculty member and get their feedback. To gain points, the advisor must email Bedford 2030 confirming this has been done by early April. Practice in front of a class or club is not required, but is strongly suggested!

*When you submit any documents, photos, videos please name them using your team name!


Prepare your final presentation and present to the judges for Finals 

  • Finish practicing your presentation and prepare to present in front of the judges in mid-April. Submit your Final Project Report by early April.
  • Submit a one page flyer about your project by mid-April.
  • Present in-person to the judges at the Finals in mid to late April. Location to be determined.
  • Final projects are scored by Greenlight Judges using the scoring criteria found here.
  • The teams with the highest scoring projects in each category (Innovator or Advocate) will be awarded cash prizes and the Greenlight Award. Various awards and certificates are presented to all completed projects.
  • Top prize in each category is $500. Second place earns $250.

*When you submit any documents, photos, videos please name them using your team name!

Check back to this page for updated due dates and more information about what you need to do to prepare for the events. If you ever have questions, please contact the Program Manager, Gayle.

Kickoff Meeting

Student presenting at Proposal Showcase

Finalist teaching kids to compost food waste

Finalists teaching students about vermicomposting.

Greenlight Winner 2019