Summary of Competition


Round One: Proposal

Propose a project that will result in behavior change to benefit the environment.

This must include a tangible tool to affect this behavior change such as a project, campaign, event or invention (or a combination thereof).

Convince us that this tool will change behavior and that you would be able to track and show that behavior change in at least 20 people, 20 times.

Round Two: Finalists

Selected finalists receive up to $1,000 funding and support to develop and implement their tool, use it and other methods of outreach and organizing to affect change, track that behavior change by at least 20 people to have a positive impact on the environment, for at least 20 days (or 20 times).

Final Event: Greenlight Award

Present the final version of your tool and your data to a panel of renowned community leaders. The best project wins $500 and the Greenlight Award.


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Fill out the Intent to Participate Form with a general idea of what you want to do for your project.

If you are selected as a finalist, the majority of work implementing your project will be done January through April. Seniors, please be aware of this and be sure that you are committed to working on change for the environment in the midst of senioritis.

Begin to work on your proposal with your team, faculty members, community experts and stakeholders.

Incubator Workshop

Bedford 2020 will ask community experts who know something about your proposed idea to meet with you at this event and help guide you with your proposal. We will present information about models of behavior change and provide and suggest resources. This is a unique opportunity to move your proposal forward and mandatory for all contestants.

Proposal: Written

Complete the Project Proposal Form 

Proposal: Power Point Presentation

Present your proposal to a panel of judges at the Round One event. Presentations should be no longer than 3 minutes long. Judges will ask questions for 2 minutes. The judges score the presentations and the best ideas move forward.

Finalists: Funding

Finalists receive up to $1,000 funding to develop their projects and move on to the Finals. Bedford 2020 will explain the purchase order procedure to obtain approved funds.

Mid Way Report and Score Points Along the Way

Between the Round One event and the Finals, there will be opportunities for finalists to use resources available to them and complete tasks on time for points toward their final score.

Results: Final Power Point Presentation

At the Finals, finalists present their tool and their measurable results to a panel of judges who score the presentations and choose the Greenlight Award winner and runner up. Presentations may be up to 5 minutes long with 5 minutes for questions. If your tool is a video, this will not count toward the time limit. Certificates are presented to participants from Westchester County and all are celebrated for their accomplishments.

See Model Projects for examples and ideas for the Changemaker 2020 Challenge, or Return to the  Toolkit