Summary of Competition


Propose and implement a project that will result in at least 20 people taking action or changing their behavior to have a positive impact on the environment, for at least 20 days (or 20 times).  Create a tangible tool of persuasion such as a project, campaign, event or invention to use and present at the finals.

Enter and Begin

Fill out the Intent to Participate Form. Work with faculty, community experts and stakeholders to develop your idea and a plan to carry it out.

Proposal: Round One

Complete the Project Proposal Form  and present your proposal to a panel of judges at the Round One event. The judges select the best ideas to move forward.  Finalists receive seed funding to work on their projects and move on to the Finals.

Results: Final Presentation

At the Finals, you will present your tool and your measurable results. Present to a panel of judges how you got at least 20 people to practice a change in their lives and show that they maintained that change over time (ex. 20 days, 20 times). Other factors to measure would be the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, preservation of resources, and other impacts or changes your project resulted in.

See Model Projects for examples and ideas for the Changemaker 2020 Challenge.