SunRaven Farm Garden Co-Op

sunraven_soilInterest in personal wellness has increased significantly in recent decades. In 2016, the Slow Food Movement celebrated its 30th anniversary, and local food is all around with farmers markets, CSAs, and farm to table restaurants. Additionally the use of complimentary health approaches has nearly doubled since 2002 with approximately 21 million adults practicing yoga and 18 million practicing meditation.

sunraven_harvest           A local organization, SunRaven Farm: The Home of Slow Medicine, aims to satisfy all branches of personal wellness by nourishing the whole being – the mind, the body and the soul.  Participation in a hands-on, working and learning garden experience is offered as a part of this approach.

Located in Bedford, Sun Raven offers a Garden Co-Op, which combines the benefits of a CSA membership with personal involvement growing the harvest, community gatherings and meditation.

This unique Garden Co-Op had 15 member-families this summer who enjoyed coming together for nearly 40 weeks, participating in interactive workshops, centering themselves through mindful activities and rolling up their sleeves to dig in the soil, nurture seedlings, and tend to the life-supporting and lush plants they grew. During harvest weeks they took home shares of the bounty that they grew together including delicious ripe garden vegetables, herbs, teas, flowers and eggs.

The group of participants were strangers in March, but over time became a supportive community to one another. Many expressed that their approach to cooking and eating transformed during the experience because of the nutrients, the positive care and the love they knew went into the food they consumed. According to Sun Raven, the most profound aspect of the connection people make to food through this holistic approach is a respect and stewardship for their own health and for the land.

According to SunRaven’s founder and executive director of the Slow Medicine Foundation, Dr. Michael Finkelstein, affectionately known as the Slow Medicine Doctor, “Participating in a community garden is an integral part of nourishing the whole being –  growing your own organic bounty, interacting with others and with nature, moving your body doing something you love — these all nurture good health.”

SunRaven: The Home of Slow Medicine advertises that it is for those looking to live, study, or facilitate a whole-being vision of health and wellness. For more information about the SunRaven Garden Co-Op and Slow Medicine, visit