TABLE Local Market

We wrote a profile of TABLE Local Market just for the VegOut! website, and then we realized: nothing we write will be so charming and informative as TABLE’s own story about itself.  So, here, from TABLE’s website, is a recipe for how to make Bedford’s favorite spot for local, sustainable food, and a home for our local farmers and artisans!

Everyday Recipe: TABLE Local Market ~ This Rustic Storefront is the perfect start to any meal.

Prep Time: plenty

Time Active: always


  • 1 storefront in Bedford Hills, NY meticulously built to green LEED standards1 conviction that fresh, local food should be readily available to all
  • 3 creative chefs who embrace the diverse palette of seasonal produce
  • 1 amazing baker with a bachelor’s in nutrition and a master in the kitchen
  • 14 dedicated team members who are committed to the locavore lifestyle
  • 200 sustainable farmers and artisans in the region
  • 100,00 community members that live within 15 minutes of our store


  • Combine local farmers and artisans with TABLE local market to bring the farmhouse to your house
  • Add creative chefs, a smiling team and farm-fresh food to dazzle guests at special events of any size
  • Expand awareness by sharing our commitment to community-outreach and educations programs
  • Become a TABLE member and support local food sources
  • Taste the difference in your lifestyle immediately!

We love local. 

Good food should be accessible to all! With this in mind, TABLE Local Market opened its doors in the Spring of 2009 in an effort to connect the surrounding community with local farmers, growers and purveyors. Katonah resident, Cynthia Brennan wanted to provide her three young children (and you too!) with healthy foods and a healthy environment to learn about the importance of responsible food practices.

RISD graduates, Cynthia and her architect husband Patrick built TABLE to LEED standards (an internationally recognized green-building certification system) and incorporated sustainable aspects of design (our shelves are recycled wine crates) throughout the entire store. 

Every day, the rest of the TABLE Team, all locavores and lovers of fine fresh food, come to work in the hopes of providing our customers with a fresh approach to food!