The Story of Plastic

Resources From Our Discussion with Deia Schlosberg and Berna Tural

The Story of Plastic is an eye-opening look at the plastic pollution crisis. The film looked at the life cycle of plastic and the link between the oil and gas industry and its role in the prevalence of plastic. Implications of our reliance on fossil fuel and environmental justice issues are explored as well.

Two bills have been introduced in New York State around Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Be an advocate and send a message to your representatives!

The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act has also been introduced in Congress. Learn more here.

Meet Deia Schlosberg

Deia Schlosberg (DIRECTOR/PRODUCER of The Story of Plastic) made national news in October, 2016, when she was arrested and charged with 45 years’ worth of felonies for filming the #ShutItDown pipeline protest in North Dakota. Deia produced Josh Fox’s climate change film, How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change (Sundance/HBO). Deia also co-produced Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock (Tribeca/Netflix), and The Reluctant Radical (2018). Deia also co-directed and produced Cold Love. Her short film, Backyard, a look at the human impacts of fracking, won two student Emmys (Best Documentary, Bricker Humanitarian Award).

Meet Berna Turnal

Berna Tural
(Founder/CEO of BeNatural )is a dynamic and inspiring speaker about our ocean and topics on empowering businesses and individuals in cities to have a positive impact on nature and the future starting today.

She has a 20 year background in the corporate world as a Management Consultant in Strategic Business Development & Implementations, Strategic Planning for M&As and a reputation to turn-around struggling projects and programs.

In 2016 she fell in love with the ocean following a life changing experience while diving in the Philippines and decided to take on the most challenging project in her career yet – tackling plastic pollution. She left her career to learn about the issue and volunteered with global Ocean Conservation organizations around the world, and most recently co-authored a UN Report analyzing the impact of global voluntary commitments.