Electric Vehicle Resources 
Learn more about fuel-efficient and electric cars, rebates, credits and what’s available to help you find the fuel-efficient car for you. We have posted some resources here.If you already have an EV, check out SmartCharge NY to earn $$ by charging your EV.
Make The Switch (Car Show 2013)
Fuel-efficient alternative-energy vehicles are better than ever, and it’s never been easier to find one that’s right for you. We’ve got the scoop on different makes and models, and where to drive and buy them in Westchester.

27% of our community’s greenhouse gases and other pollutants affecting air quality are produced by transportation sources (Climate Action Plan). Bedford 2020’s Transportation Task Force will focus on several ways to reduce the emissions from transportation vehicles and improve the quality of life in Bedford.

Our goals are:

  • Promote a shift to more fuel efficient, smaller, hybrid or electric cars
  • Promote a switch to fuels that emit fewer pollutants
  • Improve school carpooling and school bus usage
  • Increase awareness of and enforce anti-idling laws
  • Reduce the total number of miles traveled by promoting a switch from automobiles to mass transit, walking or bicycling
Heather Van Wolf Heather V. Wolf (Chair)
Advocate and Fine Artist
Generic-Friend-60 Michael Blakeney
Founder, Good Profit
Ellen Conrad
Co-President Bedford 2020
Generic-Friend-60 Heather Flournoy
Community Director, Energize New York
Robert Funicello Robert Funicello
Environmental Project Director, Westchester County
Russell Hernandez Russell Hernandez
Co-Owner, Bedford Post and Trustee, Neighbor’s Link
Generic-Friend-60 Caroline Niemczyk
Dennis Rowan Dennis Rowan
Energy Manager and Consultant
Generic-Friend-60 Mark Thielking
Director of Energy Resources, Town of Bedford
Luke Vander Linden Luke Vander Linden
Vice President, Carl Bloom Associates
Generic-Friend-60 Nat Rockett
Cushman Wakefield