Electric Vehicles

Buying an electric car is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and there is no better time than now to do it! Check out the resource links below for some helpful information and follow us on Facebook for more to-the-minute deals we post when we hear about them!


Union of Concerned Scientists Report

Not convinced? Cleaner Cars From Cradle to Grave: How Electric Cars Beat Gasoline Cars on Lifetime Global Warming Emissions

Sierra Club EV Guide:

A great place for people to find out what EV will fit their needs and price point. Offers EV specs about what cars are on the market, where they’re available, the MPGe and range per charge.


EV Calculator:

This NYSERDA tool compares fuel cost comparison of the EV of your choice and the gas-powered car of your choice by using the amount you pay for electricity per month and the amount you drive per day. It also tallies the pounds of emissions saved per year using an Electric Vehicle.

Sierra Club, Georgetown Climate Center, Acadia Law Center Report:

Charging Up: The Role of States, Utilities, and the Auto Industry in Dramatically Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States