Whether you want to cook a feast or a small repast for family and friends, or even if you just want to eat locally and sustainably grown food prepared by a professional, we can help.

And don’t forget the VegOut Newsletter Archive – an excellent resource for local food purveyors and recipes.

Retail Markets

More and more local retailers are sourcing locally, in addition to sourcing from further afield.  The more you frequent these stores, the more the supply will increase and cost decrease.

This article explains how local retail stores are committed to educating their customers, providing local, fresh produce, and supporting their communities.

Restaurants and Cafés

Starting with sustainably grown produce, locavore chefs create meals that both promote  healthier living and simply taste better. While chefs define “local” flexibly, using produce, meat, eggs and dairy products conscientiously grown or raised on nearby or regional farms can reap additional benefits in terms of nutrition, environmental impact, maintenance of open space, and humane treatment of farm animals.

Cooking and Recipes

Restaurants are wonderful, but the best way to eat well is to cook at home — especially if you’ve grown the food yourself. Once you get the hang of cooking more naturally, with companion spices and herbs, you’ll never resort to Birdseye frozen vegetables again. These sites can help.

Dr. Susan Rubin has an informative, inspirational blog with about 100 recipes, all  perfect for the beginning/intermediate cook.  Many of her recipes are kid-friendly, as they have been used at the Mt. Kisco Child Care Center.

Type in an ingredient on this site and you’ll find dozens of recipes to choose from.

Kitchen Gardeners International, an organization founded and directed by Roger Doiron, is a crowd-sourced website full of information about gardening.