Vote Yes on Bedford Open Space Referendum

Bedford residents, on Nov. 7th don’t forget to vote YES on the Open Space Referendum: The Town of Bedford Open Space Park and Water Protection Fund.

The Open Space Park and Water Protection Fund raises money for the Town of Bedford to acquire open space property for active and passive park and recreational uses and for surface and ground water protection.

The need to preserve open space was part of the vision of our community, and was incorporated into Comprehensive Master Plan, and later was a key element of the Town’s Climate Action Plan.

Vote YES! Open space benefits everyone and protects our unique visual character, our sense of place, environmentally sensitive areas, wildlife habitats, and our air and drinking water.

Important land that has been preserved using this fund in the past includes:

  • Tom Burke Memorial Preserve, Bedford Hills/7.5 acres
  • Zema’s Farm, Katonah/9.5 acres
  • Leatherman’s Ridge, Bedford Hills/34 acres
  • Vernon Hills, Bedford Village/3.3 acres
  • Ridge Road, Katonah/17 acres
  • Twin Lakes, Bedford Village/20 acres (pictured)

Over 90 acres of land have been preserved, all of which are located within the three hamlets in the Town of Bedford. The Open Space Fund has made it possible to partner with other organizations and neighbors to raise the much needed capital required to make the above purchases a realty.

This referendum asks you to agree to a modest increase in the tax levy to protect water quality and preserve our quality of life in Bedford. When first enacted the Open Space levy was 3% and was reduced to 1% during the recession. This referendum asks you to approve a modest increase and raise it by one-quarter of one percent each year beginning in 2019 until 2022 at which point it would remain at 2%. We have been told that this will be less than $4/month for the average Bedford homeowner.

With land development trends and population growth, it’s critical to take action now while we have the opportunity to preserve open spaces and areas critical to protect resources.

Let’s ensure what we have today is still here tomorrow. Tuesday, Nov. 7th, VOTE YES!