Waste and Recycling


singlestream-300 Single Stream Recycling
Co-mingling, only more so. Check out the benefits of launching Single Stream Recycling in Bedford.
  Community Compost
Summer of 2017 residents of the Town of Bedford will have the option of dropping off compost at the Town Recycling Center. Find our more and pre-register for the program.
Reusable Bag Initiative
Join community members in this effort to reduce the use of disposable plastic and paper bags!
recyclopedia-300 The Recyclopedia!
What gets recycled, where, how, and by whom. All the information you need in one convenient place.
Get the Dirt on Composting Get The Dirt On Compost
Learn about at-home composting styles and see leaf mulching demonstrated at local homes, farms and schools.
leaves-300 Leave Leaves Alone
Leaves are a part of your lawn’s ecosystem. Removing it hurts your trees! Mulch them to compost all winter.

The immediate goal of the Waste/Recycling Task Force is to assist the Town in developing methods and procedures to promote increased waste/materials reduction and recycling while reducing the amount of waste generated from both residents and businesses in the Town. It is recognized that there are significant energy and environmental benefits as well as cost savings available, and that the Town can facilitate this goal by coordinating efforts in this direction.

The process will include the following steps:

  • Assemble information about the current situation, including neighboring towns
  • Gather state and regional planning and technical information
  • Provide preliminary suggestions for recycling goals
  • Coordinate receipt of information from stakeholders, including residents, haulers, businesses and Town officials
  • Assist in development of Town policy and goals
  • Develop a Town Waste/Recycling Plan, with stages for implementation
kuniholm Peter F. Kuniholm PE (Chair)
Solid Waste/Recycling Consultant
Lauren Lauren Brois
Assistant Director, Energize NY Residential Programs
campbell Ed Campbell
Director of Material Supply, Axion International
John Chambers John Chambers
Former Superintendent, Byram Hills Schools
colleluori Dan Collelouri
Supervisor, Solid Waste/Recycling, City of Stamford, CT
cutler Neil Cutler
Waste Reduction Consultant, Synergis
Ursula LaMotte Ursula LaMotte
Former Legislator, Westchester County
CJ Mitchell C.J. Mitchell
Member, Leave Leaves Alone
Fiona Mitchell Fiona Mitchell
Master Gardener, Master Composter, Founder of Leave Leaves Alone
needham Leslie Needham
Landscape Designer, Master Gardener, Master Composter
Veronique Pittman Veronique Pittman
Chief Information Officer, Green Schools Alliance