Water and Land Use


We have two committees of this Task Force: Healthy Yards focused on caring for our own yards in a way that is healthy and sustainable, and and Public Lands to promote healthy practices by our organizations, institutions and governments.

  Healthy Yards
We make important decisions about our yards that can harm or help the well being of wildlife, pollinators, human health, and the fight against climate change. Click here to learn about the impact you can have with your yard! We have pages on pesticide free lawns, native plants, leaf mulching, electric equipment/leafblowers, composting, and more!
  Public Land
Public Land is about the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the land we share. In the environment everything is connected. With the Public Land committee we study these connections. We talk about how wildlife corridors can save species, or how highway mowing can help pollinators. We study what climate change means for our area, and how we can prepare for this change.

Join us to help protect Bedford’s resources as well as our own health and well-being! We address the issues of water quality and supply; land use and conservation; and the planting, protection and preservation of trees. We educate and mobilize the community to take local action in these areas. We also work with Town officials, local utility companies and others to assess and promote the most effective short, medium and long-term measures to accomplish the goals of the Climate Action Plan in these areas.

Our goals include:

  • Holding community wide meetings to address water quality as it relates to our health with a particular focus on how we can make can make a big improvement in our water quality and our families’ health easily by simply not using synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers and the improper disposal of pharmaceuticals and household chemicals
  • Encouraging and educating our community to adopt positive practices relating to land use and conservation by protecting open spaces, planting trees and preserving biodiversity
  • Sponsoring tree projects that educate the community about the value of trees in sequestering pollutants as well as carbon, absorbing storm water run off, protecting water supply and reducing impact of flooding
  • Encouraging removal of invasive species and the planting of native plants in residents yards. These plants don’t require chemicals to thrive, and they also support bees, birds, and other pollinators. (Visit the Westchester Native Plant Center for a list of these plants.)
  • Supporting pollinators through taking the recommendations of Hudson Valley Natural Beekeepers

The Great Healthy Yard Pledge, Healthy Yards and Pollinator Pathways are programs that focus on changing land management practices to well-being biological practices that sequester carbon in soil.  Plants take carbon from the air and move the carbon to soil, sequestering carbon.  Healthy soils managed using well-being biological systems will sequester the most carbon.  Soils managed using herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers deteriorate soil and cause carbon to release.

Don Weeden, Co-Chair
Executive Director, Weeden Foundation
needham Virginia Maybank, Co-Chair
Co-founder, Branch Out!
greco Lynn Becker
campbell Elyse Arnow Brill
Rustics Garden Club
needham Rod Christie
Executive Director, Mianus River Gorge
dehaan Filippine de Haan
donkin Teresa Donkin
greco Nancy Kroenenberg
Member, Town of Bedford Conservation Board
needham Heather Langham
President, Friends of John Jay Homestead
cutler Mimi Lines
Bedford Garden Club, Landscape Designer
Fiona Mitchell
Leave Leaves Alone, Founder
greco Simon Skolnik
Chair, Town of Bedford Conservation Board
greco Glenn Ticehurst
Principal, Benedek & Ticehurst